An Unusual Greeting Card With Paper Lace

I’ve never seen a greeting card quite like this one! Well, truthfully the card itself is not that unusual; floral designs paired with nouveau swirls are quite common, as is the embossing you see on this card. I do love the colorful pansies seen around the edges of this card. Common or not, they are delightful! However, it’s the finishing touches that make this card unique. The attached paper lace has unusual motifs including swans, cattails and bells. Underneath that, is a colorful, cute family of dogs including a mama dog and her puppies. The die cuts applied on top of the paper lace are cherubs and winged hearts.

Greeting Card With Paper Lace and Victorian Die Cuts

Inside the card is a poem called “Love’s Golden Chain”. There is a photo of it below, but I will quote it here for you, in case you have a hard time reading the fancy script on your monitor.

As brightly as the flowers in spring,
Bud into blossoms fair
My heart was gay, till that wee thing
Love’s arrow lighted there.
And keen the blow, and fierce the smart
I’ve suffered since from that small dart.
My peace with wild emotions torn,
From morn to eve, from eve till morn.
And would you, fair one, care to know,
The reason why I languish?
‘Tis you who’ve cost me all this woe,
This heart-ache and this anguish.

Greeting Card Interior Poem

Fascinating, isn’t it? I’m not sure exactly how I would feel to be on the receiving end of such a sentiment! Apparently, no one actually ever was on the receiving end of this card; at any rate it has no writing inside to indicate having been given or sent.

Here’s one last picture for you to enjoy. This shows the embossed inside front of the card- so pretty!

Embossing on Greeting Card

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