Scrapbooking Papers: Good Deal Alert!

This is the best deal I have seen on scrapbooking paper in a long time! 200 sheets of brand name paper for $14.99 + shipping- OH MY GOODNESS! I just purchased one of these lots, and there are a couple left, so I thought I’d post about them. The highlight of this lot seems to me to be all the die-cut papers from Creative Imaginations Narratives line. Paper lace enthusiasts are sure to appreciate this exquisite paper, considering that the die cut edges do somewhat resemble a contemporary take on paper lace. There are 16 die cut papers included in each of the lots for sale that I linked to. Those die cut papers usually sell for around $1.50 each! It looks to me like the picture shows the Pink Floral die cut paper, the Blue Floral die cut paper, and a bunch of the polka dotted die cut papers. According to the seller, there are also papers by Basic Grey, My Mind’s Eye, Cosmo Cricket, Adornit, Dream Street Papers, Daisy D’s, Cherry Arte, and Cosmo Cricket. Looks like great stuff!

The seller is selling these papers in lots (from a scrapbook store closing). I just bought one lot, and as of this posting there are 2 left. I’ve never dealt with this particular seller, but another lucky scrapper who already left her feedback wrote “Im so happy I’m crying like a babyThank you the paper is GREAT UR a great seller” about a similar lot. So, I’m thinking it looks pretty good!

It always makes me really sad to hear about anyone going out of business. It especially makes me sad to hear about scrapbooking stores going out of business. :( But, having said that, I think it would be even worse to have no buyers at your going out of business sale. I definitely wouldn’t want her to have that problem! 😀 Ebay’s been pretty slow lately, and there are tons of good deals to be found…

Creative Imaginations Paper Ribbon

Paper Lace Ribbons, Scrapbooking Supplies by Creative Imaginations.
I just dedicated an entire page of to this gorgeous Paper ribbon by Creative Imaginations. The quick rundown: These paper ribbons are actually self adhesive, die cut stickers. You can buy them at any of the following web sites:

Black Lace Cardstock

Dramatic, Sophisticated, Gothic Style Lace Cardstock

So…who is going to be the lucky one to snag the last 2 pieces of KI Memories “Perm” Black Lace Cardstock at

Edited to add: Well, someone got it! It wasn’t me, but I sure was eyeing it. The good news is that A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe has plenty! (Well, for the time being anyway. I predict that theirs will sell out, too.)
Edited again to add: yep, that prediction came true. Theirs did sell out. But the good news is that you can get the brand new lace cardstock for 2008 at either or A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lace Cardstock

Have you seen the new lace cardstock by KI Memories? If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a pic:

This lace cardstock is actually laser cut, which means that the paper really does resemble lace! How cool is that?

I just added an entire page to that is dedicated to Lace Cardstock and where to buy it. (I wanted to make sure the information would be readily accessible even after this blog post gets buried under other posts.)

I am ordering some lace cardstock for my own art, scrapbooking, and paper crafting projects, so please bookmark this blog and check back for new lace cardstock project ideas shortly!