New Scrapbooking Layout With Paper Lace, Plus The Story of

Celebrate Layout with Paper Lace by Amy Solovay

Supplies Used:

Patterned Papers:




  • Heart Hand Punch
    by Fiskars
  • Small Dot Hand Punch by Fiskars

Paper Edgers / Decorative Edged Scissors::

  • Victorian Paper Edgers by Fiskars
  • Mini Scallop Paper Edgers by Fiskars
  • Seagull Paper Edgers by Fiskars
  • Plus another unknown pair of decorative scissors

Other Embellishments & Supplies:

The Story of

Back in 2006, I purchased a whole bunch of Fiskars hand punches and paper edgers. One day I was playing with them, just punching and cutting my paper at random, trying to come up with ideas for how to use them. One of the designs I made reminded me of paper lace, and an idea was born. I have lots of ideas – sometimes dozens of them in a day- so at the time it didn’t occur to me that there was anything special about that one idea. Like most artists, I have more ideas than I could use in a lifetime. But, as time went on, I decided to develop this particular idea further and see what I could do with it. I spent several months designing different paper lace borders, and it occurred to me that my paper lacemaking techniques might make a good scrapbooking or cardmaking or paper crafting idea book.

At that point, I thought it would be wise to see if anyone else had already written a similar idea book. I was surprised at how little information was available online about paper lace. I couldn’t even find that many web sites specifically dedicated to paper lace, although there are plenty of stores that sell doilies and things like that.

I did find several books which have some similar ideas (take a look at my book reviews page and you will see a few of them.) But I could not find any idea books that had projects like the ones I had been creating.

So, I wrote up a book proposal and sent it off.

My proposal was rejected. And rejected. And rejected. I was told that there would not be enough interest in paper lace to make it worthwhile to publish the book. I disagreed then, and I still disagree now. A year later I can say that thousands of people have come to, and MANY of them have been searching for instructions for how to make their own paper lace. So, I think that the publishers were absolutely wrong!

I decided at one point that I was going to self publish my idea book. But, when I researched the process of self publishing, I decided that it wasn’t something I was ready to jump into without testing the water first. Considering that I already have a career as a textile designer- I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do all the writing AND all the photography AND all the graphic design AND all the marketing AND all the sales AND all the packing, shipping and distribution of the book. All that seemed like a daunting amount of work.

But, I wasn’t ready to let the idea die. I still think this idea is worth sharing with other paper crafters.

Enter When I decided to start this web site more than a year ago, Doodlebug Paper Frills were one of the very few commercially available scrapbooking embellishments I could find that resembled paper lace. Fiskars also made some lovely lacy paper punches that thrilled me! Nowadays there are too many lovely lacy supplies to count- diecut lace papers, paper lace stickers, paper lace ribbons and trims and borders, punches galore, and soooo many others. How delightful! It is definitely an exciting time to be a paper lace enthusiast.

However, I still think there is room for handmade paper lace like the kind that I create, and I still want to share these ideas with crafters all over the world.

SO…think of as your new FREE PAPER CRAFTS IDEA BOOK! Only instead of publishing the idea book in book form, I’ll be publishing it in blog format. Within the next few days (hopefully) I will be publishing chapter one online, right here in this blog. You can take a look at the layout above if you are curious about the type of projects that you will learn to make in this “Free idea book” paper lace blog. The paper laces shown there are just a couple of the hundreds of paper lace designs I’ve developed. So I hope that you will add this blog to your feed reader, or bookmark it and check back! Thanks for your interest.

New Project Idea! Green Paper Lace Greeting Card

Green Hand Stamped Greeting Card With Paper Lace

I’m working on a new page dedicated to paper lace made using the Fiskars Heart border punch. Here’s one of the new projects that will be included on the page when it is finished. The page is still under construction as of the time of this posting, but it should be finished shortly. I hope. These posts with instructions always seem to take more time than I expect they will. I have a stack of projects to post and I am getting impatient to show them all to you ASAP.

This project sort of ties into the last project that I posted. Both of these projects were created at the same time. I was in a “green” mood that day- can you tell? 😉 Sometimes one idea just flows into the next, and the next, and the next…LOVE it when that happens!

In other news, I am trying to figure out the best way to put together my design team call for this web site. I have sooo many exciting things planned and I cannot wait to share, but I want to make sure that the call is organized well (and that everything makes sense!) before I finalize it and post it.

Green Paper Lace “You Rock” Greeting Card

Green Handmade Greeting Card With Paper Lace

Supplies Used:

Cardmaking Supplies
Still Life of Green Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Supplies For a Greeting Card Project In Progress. Have you ever made a project that just didn’t turn out quite like you expected? Well, for me, this green hand-stamped greeting card with paper lace was definitely one of those projects. I have been debating about whether to post project instructions for how to make this card. When I originally made it I did so many extra steps and so much re-arranging that I think the project instructions would actually get to be a bit confusing. So instead of project instructions, I am thinking of writing an article about “creative process” and designing paper crafts projects- this project would certainly be a better example of that. At the very least, I will be sure to post a supply list in case you’d like to try your hand at making a similar card. Thanks for your interest and please check back to see the article.

New Project Idea Using KI Memories Pinata Pink Lace Cardstock

Scalloped Lace Cardstock Greeting Card

Happy Valentine’s day to you! I hope you are having a fun and enjoyable day.

I’ve just posted a brand new project idea for you, and I really hope you’ll like it. This is an all-occasion greeting card made using Lace Cardstock by KI Memories. You could use this card as a Valentine, but it could also be sent and enjoyed all year around. The sentiment is “Hugs Hugs Hugs”- which you could send to pretty much anyone, whether it be your sweetheart, your mom, your sister, or your best friend. Also you can easily change the sentiment. See my project instructions for more details!

Please click here to view project instructions for this scalloped greeting card with pink lace cardstock.

Thanks for your interest. Enjoy! :)