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Embellish Your Scrapbooking With Hearts and Paper Lace

Beaded Heart Scrapbooking Embellishment

Do you like using special handmade embellishments on your scrapbook layouts? If so, here's a fantastic idea: crochet a beaded heart shape to use as a mini photo frame. You can use this design to make embellishments for Valentine's Day or everyday layouts. Click here to get the free pattern for crocheting the beaded heart shape.

Valentine's Day or Love Theme Scrapbooking Layout Idea With Hearts, Paper Lace, and Flowers -- Supplies by Clear Scraps and My Minds Eye

Supply List

  • Layout Base: One Clear Scraps acrylic sheet.
  • Papers and Embellishments: My Mind's Eye "Be Loved" collection; daisies and acrylic gems by Accent Scrapbooking; Clear Scraps acrylic slide.
Image Description Price
12X12 PAPER/2 SHEETS/ RETIRED $1.99 bids: 1
12X12 PAPER/2 SHEETS/ RETIRED $1.99 bids: 0
12X12 PAPER/2 SHEETS/ RETIRED $1.99 bids: 0
s Eye BE LOVED Collection Pack Scrapbooking Paper Accessories NEW $11.96 bids: 0
More Free Scrapbooking Ideas Scalloped Heart Design

More Heart Ideas and Heart Designs

How To Make Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary, or Other Romantic Greeting Cards With Paper Lace

Handmade Heart Valentines Day Greeting Card With Vellum, Hand Stitching, Flourishes, Flowers and Paper Lace

Red White & Black “Be Mine” Valentine's Day Greeting Card With Paper Lace

Be Mine, a 7 inch by 5 inch handmade Valentine's Day Greeting Card With Vellum, Hand Stitching, Flowers, Flourishes and Paper Lace

Red White & Black “Heart” Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, or Romantic Greeting Card

In my last blog post, I mentioned that some of my paper lace designs were published in this month's issue of The Stamper's Sampler Magazine. The 2 cards that were published would be perfect for use as Valentine's Day greeting cards, but they could also be used for any occasion that requires a loving or romantic touch- anniversary, wedding, prom, or any other time you'd like to send a little love to someone special.

Due to space restrictions in the magazine, the Stamper's Sampler editors decided to present their readers with a greatly abbreviated version of my project instructions. When I saw the revised instructions, I had a sinking feeling that most crafters would read the revised instructions, scratch their heads mumbling "huh?" to themselves, and promptly move onto the next project. Then it occurred to me that I have absolutely no space restrictions here on my paper lace web site, and that there isn't anything stopping me from sharing the full project instructions for these Valentine's Day Cards. So that is what I am going to do! I am posting the projects in chapter 6 of my idea book about how to make paper lace, complete with links to sources of supply for the products I used to create these cards. Hope you will find it helpful having the longer version of the project instructions available.

If you haven't already started reading my paper lace idea book, I recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through. I am still in the process of posting some of chapters of the book, and I apologize that it is taking longer than expected. At any rate, if you are new to making paper lace, the paper laces shown in this blog post are not the ones I would recommend that you try as your first. I'd recommend that you try a few of the very basic paper laces before proceeding to make these. Of course, if you're an advanced paper crafter, by all means jump right in.

Thanks so much for dropping by! I hope you are having a lovely and creative day.

Scrapbooking Layout: Orchid Photos With Paper Lace and Primrose Patterned Paper From the Fleuriste Line by Cosmo Cricket

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

Here's another sneak peek of a lovely paper lace that you will learn to make if you keep reading this web site for more installments of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book. This particular layout was a lot of fun to make, and it is very simple! I love scrapping with the "Fleuriste" line of patterned papers by Cosmo Cricket. They are a no-brainer to use; they are so versatile that you'd be hard-pressed to find photos that don't work well with them. (As usual, excluding your husband's hunting/fishing/ football layouts, that is.)

In this layout I created almost all my own embellishments (except for the brads, which are made by Accent Depot.) See the tiny paper flowers that are attached on either side of the paper lace border? I made those from Cosmo Cricket's Hey Sugar Honey Honey paper. They were super easy to make; all I did was use Fiskars Mini Scallop Paper Edgers to cut around a few of the flower motifs from the patterned paper; then I attached a mini-brad in the center.

Here's a photo of the "Hey Sugar Honey" Cosmo Cricket paper I used to create the flower embellishments:

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

And then here's a photo of the embellishments before I attached them to the layout (you can click the photo to get an larger picture and take a closer look at them.)

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

So, you might be looking at that "embellishment" (for lack of a better word?) that is positioned under the lower left hand flower photo. It's another one that I made. I made it out of one of my old business cards (I am into recycling!) that I hand painted. Then for another project I wanted to have multicolored punches so I punched out a bunch of small circles and squares. I thought that the punched-out painting looked cool all by itself, but I couldn't think of a use for it right then. So back in my stash it went. Well, when I was scrapping these pics today looking through my stash I pulled it out and used it. Love doing stuff like that! I have found that if you make a bunch of embellishments from time to time, and you organize them well, you will never be at a loss for things to put on your layouts.

Materials and Supplies

Patterned Paper is "Primrose" from the Fleuriste Collection by Cosmo Cricket. The brads are by Accent Depot.

Additional Techniques Used:

Paper cutting, punching, collage, inking, painting

How To Make The Paper Lace

The techniques for making the paper lace shown on this layout will be covered in detail in my Paper Lace Idea Book. The introduction, chapter one, and part of chapter 2 are already online, so you can get started learning how to make paper lace. So far I have posted the basic information that you will need to get started. Detailed instructions for the paper lace border that you see in this layout have not been posted yet, but more instructions will be posted soon. I invite you to follow my blog for more updates about when the next chapters of the book will be posted.

About This Scrapbook Layout:

This layout features another group of 3 photos of orchids and flowers that I took at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California. I already posted another scrapbooking layout with orchid photos that were taken around this time period.

Thanks so much for dropping by! I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work.

Creative Imaginations Holey Cardstock

Die Cut, Lace Patterned Holey Cardstock By Creative Imaginations.

Designer Die Cut Paper Lace by Samantha Walker

These lacy die cut Holey Cardstock papers by Creative Imaginations are versatile and very chic! Use them:

  • To add dimension and texture to scrapbook pages and layouts.
  • In any art or craft project where you want the look of "paper lace", or anywhere you want to add a delicate lacy touch.
  • As a stencil to create textured painted and layered effects.
  • To create unique one-of-a-kind custom-made wedding invitations or greeting cards.
  • As an eye-catching element in your altered art, altered books or art journals.
  • Cut various shapes out of them and use them as unique embellishments.
  • I am sure you can think of lots more uses for them too! The possibilities are really endless.

Cream Flower Holey Cardstock

This is a picture of Flower Holey Cardstock Design in the Cream Color- perfect for weddings or other themed layouts. This Scrapbooking Paper Was Designed by Samantha Walker and Is Manufactured by Creative Imaginations.

When someone says "Paper Lace", this is exactly the kind of design that comes to my mind. This is definitely a contemporary take on paper lace though; the flowers in this design are trendy and updated, unlike the more elaborate floral designs that you see on the antique paper lace greeting cards that I collect. I love everything about this gorgeous die cut cardstock, from the creamy color to the detailed cut-out leaves that accentuate the flowers.

Kudos to Samantha Walker for coming up with such a chic and useable collection! I think this particular color is so versatile. You could use it for pretty much any layout you can think of. [inline]Well, OK, maybe not your husband's hunting / fishing / football layouts. But other than that. [/inline] This paper would be extraordinary in wedding layouts, but would also be appropriate for using for children's or teens' layouts, birthday, spring, summer, winter, everyday, Easter, Mother's Day, ETC ETC ETC! I think it could be worked in with just about any feminine or "girly" theme you could think of.

Click here to buy it at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to see Cream Flower Holey Cardstock Die Cut Paper Lace at

Sunshine Flower Holey Cardstock

This photo shows the Lacy Die Cut Holey Cardstock Design in the Sunshine Color. This Scrapbooking Paper Was Designed by Samantha Walker and Is Manufactured by Creative Imaginations.

Wow, this is such a pretty yellow color! And I love the gorgeous floral design too. This color of holey cardstock definitely lives up to it's name of "Sunshine". This is an artistic paper with a lot of creative potential and possibilities. It's very lacy and pretty! I think this paper would be absolutely perfect to use in baby layouts (especially if you're not sure whether it's a boy or it's a girl), spring layouts, Easter layouts, summer layouts, wedding layouts and much more. It is definitely appropriate paper to use for those "very best" photos that you might have been saving in hopes of finding that one special amazing paper to use in the layout. The paper measures 12" x 12" and is acid free, lignin free and archival safe.

Click here to buy Sunshine Flower Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to see Sunshine Flower (Yellow) Holey Cardstock Die Cut Patterned Paper Lace at

Pink Flower Holey Cardstock

Pink Flower Holey Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper Designed by Samantha Walker and Manufactured by Creative Imaginations.

Paper just doesn't get much prettier than this! Pink Flower Holey Cardstock, the perfect design for any paper crafts project that requires the color pink, floral designs or paper lace.

Click here to buy from A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe. A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe does ship internationally, so if you are outside the USA you will have no problem buying this even if it is not available anywhere locally in your country.

Click here to see Pink Flower Holey Cardstock Die Cut Paper Lace For Sale at

I also saw this Pink Flower design for sale at ebay, from a seller I have purchased from before and had a great experience with. This seller ships worldwide.

[inline] [/inline]

Red Flower Holey Cardstock

Red Flower Holey Cardstock Die Cut Lacy Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Here's a lovely bold red design. Very dramatic! and Daring! Remember that this paper can be cut and used in smaller pieces or segments if necessary, but if you use the entire sheet of this Holey Cardstock in one scrapbook layout, it is pretty much guaranteed to be a show-stopper. I think that this particular color of Holey Cardstock would be fun to cut into smaller shapes and used as embellishments. For example, I would love to cut circles and flower shapes and heart shapes out of it to use under a sprinkling of Prima flowers on either scrapbook layouts or handmade greeting cards. This would also be a fun paper to use for making friendly, non-mushy handmade Valentines, Valentine's Day pages, or Valentine's Day gifts for friends.

Click here to buy from a Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

White Flower Holey Cardstock

White Flower Holey Cardstock Die Cut Paper Lace Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Here's another color of this gorgeous floral Holey Cardstock that resembles paper lace. Very sophisticated! Very chic! Definitely a winner in my opinion.

Click here to buy White Flower Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

White Flower Holey Cardstock is also available for sale at

Black Flower Holey Cardstock

White Flower Holey Cardstock Die Cut Paper Lace Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Here's the Black version of the Holey Lace Cardstock Flower design by Creative Imaginations. I love this paper! I think it looks elegant and luxurious.

Click here to buy Black Flower Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to buy it at

Pink Swirl Holey Cardstock

This is a Shabby and Chic Pink Scrollwork Scrapbooking Paper Called Swirl Holey Cardstock. It is Made by Creative Imaginations.

Here's a delightfully chic but not too "Shabby" scrollwork Holey Cardstock design in pink. This is the perfect paper for any paper crafter who is a fan of the Chic and Shabby Cottage Romantic style. This is a lovely, versatile paper that has a variety of creative uses. It would be lovely to use in layouts for baby girls, toddlers, children, "'tweens", teens, or adults. This is a good paper to use for Mother's Day cards and layouts (assuming mom loves the color pink, that is!), Easter, or for any layout that involves roses, pink flowers, a love theme, or just needs a touch of pink scrollwork paper lace.

Click Here To Buy Pink Swirl Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to buy it at

Lagoon Swirl Holey Cardstock

This is the Lagoon Color of a Chic Yet Playful Scrollwork Design Scrapbooking Paper Called Swirl Holey Cardstock. It is Made by Creative Imaginations.

Here is the "Lagoon" color of Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations. I haven't actually seen this color in person yet, but it appears to be a lovely light seafoam green color. I can't wait to see this paper in person. I think it looks like a really versatile design with a multitude of possible uses. This is a color that I use frequently in both my art and scrapbooking. It's a soothing color- easy on the eyes and easy to combine with other colors. While I love vivid colors, especially pinks and purples, I find that the brighter colors will often sit unused in my paper stash when I actually scrap; I usually reach for pale blues, aquas, greens, tans and browns when I create new layouts. One thing I have learned from my career as a textile designer is that every color palette needs a green or two (or three!). This "Lagoon" color looks like one of those perfectly lovely pale greens that is a no-brainer to actually use. I love it!!

Click here to buy Lagoon Swirl Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to buy Lagoon Swirl Die Cut Holey Cardstock Paper Lace at

Chocolate Swirl Holey Cardstock Die Cut Paper Lace

Chocolate Swirl Holey Cardstock Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Oh so charming! This paper would be gorgeous paired with sepia-toned photos or vintage/ antique heritage photos. It would also be perfect to use for fall-themed scrapbook pages, or layered with papers you've tea stained, walnut inked, distressed, or aged. It would be adorable paired up with contemporary pink papers for the pink and brown color combinations that have been so popular and trendy lately. Or with more muted shades of camel, khaki and tan or celadon green for an understated elegant look. This paper could be used for wedding photos too if you are making a wedding scrapbook. There are so many creative possibilities!

Click here to buy Chocolate Swirl Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to buy Chocolate Swirl Die Cut Paper Lace Cardstock at

White Swirl Holey Cardstock

A Lovely Scrollwork Patterned Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper Called White Swirl Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations.

Click here to buy White Swirl Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

[inline] [/inline]

Click here to buy it at

Black Swirl Holey Cardstock

Die Cut Black Swirl Holey Cardstock Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Click here to buy Black Swirl Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

[inline] [/inline]

Ocean Swirl Holey Cardstock

A Lovely Lacy Blue Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper Called Ocean Swirl Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations.

Click Here To Buy Ocean Swirl Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to buy it at

Hot Pink Holey Cardstock

Die Cut Hot Pink Polka Dot Holey Cardstock Patterned Scrapbooking Paper Designed by Samantha Walker For Creative Imaginations.

Well, here's a new, different and exciting interpretation of a classic polka dot pattern! Instead of being printed on the paper, the polka dot pattern is die cut, opening up a lot of creative possibilities for you when you craft with this paper. You can layer this paper overtop of another paper (either patterned, textured or plain). Or you can thread fibers, ribbons, colored wire, cord, fabric strips ETC through some of the holes to create stripes, borders or accents anywhere on the page. You could fasten brads or eyelets to some of the could do "lacing" many creative possibilities. There are 6 different colors of the Dot design to choose from, but this Hot Pink color is especially lovely!

Click here to buy Hot Pink Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lagoon Dot Holey Cardstock

Lagoon Dot Holey Cardstock Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Click Here To Buy Lagoon Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Black Dot Holey Cardstock

Die Cut Black Polka Dot Holey Cardstock Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Click Here To Buy Black Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Click here to buy it at

Chocolate Dot Holey Cardstock

Chocolate Dot Holey Cardstock Die Cut Designer Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by Creative Imaginations.

Click Here To Buy Chocolate Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Green Dot Holey Cardstock

This Gorgeous Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper is Called Green Dot Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations.

Click here to buy Green Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lagoon Dot Holey Cardstock

Lagoon Dot Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations.

So pretty! What a gorgeous color!

Click here to buy Lagoon Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

White Dot Holey Cardstock

White Dot Holey Cardstock 12x12 Scrapbooking Paper

Here's the Dot patterned Holey Cardstock in White. It is pure sophistication. I envision wedding layouts, spring layouts, Valentine's Day layouts, birthday layouts, and all kinds of greeting cards and home decor projects made out of this gorgeous paper. I simply cannot wait to see all the different creative ways other scrapbookers will be using this versatile paper. I also have a lot of ideas for how I'd like to use it!

Click Here To Buy White Dot Holey Cardstock at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shop.

Click here to buy it at

Traditional Paper Crafts: Parchment Craft, Stencil Embossing, Paper Pricking, Quilling

As far as I can tell, this book is a republication of a series of paper craft titles by Janet Wilson. These were originally bestsellers for Search Press, and were later combined into one book and re-released as The Search Press Book of Traditional Paper crafts: Parchment Craft, Stencil Embossing, Paper Pricking, Quilling. The book has been reprinted 3 times; my copy is the edition dated 2004. The book is 192 pages; it is a trade paperback with a cover price of $19.95 in the USA / £12.95 in the UK.

I have been looking for books about paper lace for quite awhile, and so far, this is the closest thing I've found to a technique book for making paper lace. This book does have instructions for making your own paper lace; it also includes instructions for many other paper crafts techniques such as embossing, quilling and parchment craft.

This is a lovely book! If you enjoy paper crafts with vintage style, this book is a good value for the money; you'll learn quite a few different techniques. Wilson’s paper lace and paper pricking designs are based on techniques that were popular during the 1600’s- 1800’s. Many of the designs have a charming, antique flair. If you enjoy the sort of detailed, elaborate projects that were popular during the Victorian era, this book will absolutely delight you. However, if you are looking for a book with trendy contemporary projects, I do not think this book is the best choice for you.

The Pros:
  • This is a quality publication.
  • The projects are visually pleasing, and the book is illustrated with attractive color photos that show them well.
  • I found the instructions easy to understand.
  • There are many techniques included
  • There are many different projects for you to choose from.
  • I though that the book was a good value for the money.
The Cons:
  • Wilson’s techniques are tedious and time-consuming. She even lists “lots of patience” as one of the requirements in her tools and materials section! Her paper laces are hand cut using a craft knife, and hand sewn using thread and a sewing needle.
  • Wilson’s techniques also require that the reader photocopy / enlarge and trace her patterns in order to work from them.
Overall I would definitely recommend this book; I think it has much to offer the paper crafts enthusiast. However, if you are interested in learning how to make your own paper lace I recommend that you also bookmark my paper lace blog (or add it to your feed reader) and keep reading, because I am going to be sharing my techniques for making paper lace (which are very different from the techniques that Wilson shares in this book.) My approach is also a bit more contemporary, and my techniques are not so time consuming. I am hoping that readers will enjoy and appreciate both approaches.

Click Here To See Available Copies For Sale on Ebay USA.

Click here to see copies available for sale at

Readers in the UK, please try clicking here for one that I found in ebay shops.

Click here to see copies of the book available for sale on

Fiskars Heart Border Punch

Free Paper Lace Project Ideas Using The Fiskars Border Punch With Heart Motifs

Green Foliage Greeting Card With Paper Lace

Green Greeting Card With Paper Lace

Supplies Used:

Project Instructions:

Making the Paper Lace: First, punch a couple of strips of paper lace using green cardstock and the Fiskars Heart border punch. You will use the Fiskars mini scallop paper edgers to create the small scallop on the other edge of the border. It's exactly the same process described in the paper lace making instructions on this page, the only difference is that you'll be using the Heart border punch instead of the Sunburst border punch. Ink your paper laces with green inks, if you like. Set the paper lace pieces aside to be used as embellishments for the top of the card. Making the Card:
  • On this page I have included basic cardmaking instructions for making the card out of Bristol board. (Look under the heading "Basic Cardmaking Instructions For All The Greeting Cards Shown" )
  • Cut a 4 1/4 inch by 5 1/2 inch piece of the Autumn Leaves Foliage Azure Leaves paper and adhere it to the top of the card.
  • Tear a strip of the Autumn Leaves Foliage Dandelions paper as shown for the front of the card. This piece should measure 5 1/2 inches wide and the side with the torn edges will measure approx 2 inches, but don't worry it if it's a little off. Adhere the torn paper to the front of the card.
  • Adhere the paper laces to the front of your card as shown. I prefer to trim them down to the right size after they have been attached, and I usually keep the leftover scraps to use in collages, art trading cards and other projects.
  • Ink the edges of the K & Company Wild Saffron round lacy label/tag. (I inked mine using olive fluid chalk and some dark green dye ink from Rubber Stampede.)
  • Stamp the larger flower from the Inque Boutique Bella Flora mini stamp set in the center of the round lacy label / tag. Use a lighter color of ink; I used a light green ink. You'll be stamping overtop of this with a darker color in the next step, and you want the other stamp to be visible, so choose your ink colors accordingly.
  • Ink the medium sized flower stamp with the darker green ink color you chose, and stamp directly overtop of the first stamped flower image.
  • Stick a round epoxy sticker from the Honeydew Narratives collection on top of the stamped images, in the center of the flower.
  • Use your prismacolor pencils to trace around the outside of the sticker for emphasis. You can also add colored pencil touches around the outer edges of the flower if you see any areas where it needs definition.
  • Adhere the embellished lacy tag / label to the front of the card.
  • Personalize the inside of the card as desired, using either sentiments stamps or your own handwritten greeting to the recipient.
  • Send and enjoy!

"You Rock" Scalloped Circle Greeting Card With Paper Lace:

Green Handmade Greeting Card With Paper Lace

If you are interested in making this Scalloped Circle Greeting Card, click here to see the supply list and more information.

Click here for information about the Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch.

Click here for information about Martha Stewart Punches.

Click here for free project ideas and information about the Fiskars Sunburst Border Punch.

K & Company Paper Lace Embellishments

Sweet Talk Paper Lace Ribbon For Valentine's Day

Sweet Talk Paper Lace Ribbon by K and Company. Use it For Valentine's Day Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Projects

"Sweet Talk" is K & Co's new Valentine's Day Collection of scrapbooking supplies. Pictured above is the sweet talk paper lace ribbon; you get 3 different romantic designs that would be perfect for making Valentine's Day cards, scrapbook pages, and other projects. You could also use 2 of the 3 designs for wedding, anniversary, or other love themed projects.

Click here to buy Sweet Talk Paper Ribbon at

Click here to buy Sweet Talk Paper Lace Ribbon at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Wild Saffron Die Cut Cardstock Tags / Labels by K & Company

K&Co Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels Tags

Everyone else is referring to these lacy die cut embellishments as "TAGS". To me, these look more like "labels" than "tags". (Plus there is another different product in the Wild Saffron line that they are already calling "tags".) So, when you see the word "labels" on this page, I'm talking about these little beauties pictured above. Aren't they gorgeous?

I purchased a package of these K&Company Wild Saffron Die-cut cardstock labels, and I think they are a fantastic deal for the money. I must confess that when I purchased these labels, I doubted I was ever going to use them; they were an impulse buy. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at how versatile they are and how many of them I have used. The yellow ones are my favorites; I've pretty much used up all of those, and I'll be ordering another package soon to replace them. I'm not too far behind on using up the other ones too. I've been using mine mostly for making handmade greeting cards, but I think they'd be great for using as small journaling spots on scrapbooking pages and layouts too. You're not going to fit a huge amount of journaling on them (at least, you aren't unless you have microscopic handwriting) but they'd be the perfect spot to put a date or a little note or reminder.

There are 4 different styles, and a total of 40 labels all together. Each one of them has die cut lacy touches.

Wild Saffron Yellow Paper Lace Labels by K&Co

There are yellow ones measuring about an inch and a half by four inches; those feature scalloped edges with simple eyelet lace, plus lines for journaling. Yellow is not my favorite color, but I've found that this color yellow has been really easy to work with, plus it's in a relatively small area and thus is not too overwhelming. I've also been using fluid chalk to ink these labels wherever a color change is needed, and I've been pretty happy with the results.

Brown Paper Lace Labels From the Wild Saffron Collection by K & Co

Brown and cream fancy scrollwork labels. These measure approximately three and a half inches by an inch and a quarter. They are die cut, but they only have one little lacy detail in the upper left corner. These have an aged, antique-y look about them. I think they'd be great for doing heritage type projects. I've been experimenting with inking them, and some of them have come out looking great while others look not so great. I'm thinking that lighter colors of ink work better with these than dark colors do, but I recommend using a light touch if you do ink them.

Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels by K&Company

There are round labels with fancy pierced, diecut scalloped & pointy edges. The printed design at the edge of the label is a grayish- blue color. The inner part of the label is white with a graph style grid and a faint "distressed" look. I've had success with inking these labels too.

Red and Cream Paper Lace Labels by K & Company

There are red & off-white labels measuring approximately 2 and a quarter inches by an inch and a half. These have very, very faint lines on them, resembling the lines on notebook paper. The corners on the labels are really neat and fancy and the edges resemble lace the entire way around. So pretty! These labels are a bit small for my taste and I haven't used quite as many of them as the others, but I do have them set aside to go with my Daisy D's Beacon Hill papers. At this point I do think I will actually use them, I just wish they were bigger.

Handmade Greeting Card With Wild Saffron Label Tag and Sunburst Pape Lace From Fiskars Punch

This handmade greeting card is one of the many projects I made using these lovely paper lace labels. Click Here To See Project Instructions For Making This Greeting Card.

Where To Buy K & Company Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels:

They are For Sale at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Click here to buy these at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Wild Saffron Adhesive Paper Lace Ribbon Stickers by K & Company

Wild Saffron Paper Lace Ribbon Stickers Pictured at left is a package of Adhesive Paper Ribbon from the "Wild Saffron" collection by K & Company. Each package has 3 different paper lace designs, with 2 yards of each design. These can be used for any kind of paper craft imaginable, including scrapbooking pages and layouts, mini books, art journals, altered books, paper bag albums, clear albums, altered art, handmade greeting cards, etc.

Where To Buy K&Co Paper Ribbons:

A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe has them listed for sale.

Click Here To See Them at Two Peas in a Bucket.


Click Here To See Other Items From the Wild Saffron Collection at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Themes from the Wild Saffron Line: Floral, Lace, Flowers

The Margo Collection by K & Co:

If you asked me how to describe the Margo collection by K & Company, I would have to say that it combines old-world elegance with contemporary colors, textures and materials. I think this collection is exquisite! I am particularly excited about the kits, pads and embellishments in this collection.

Margo Silhouette Kit With Paper and Stickers That Look Like Paper Lace. By K & Company.

Margo Silhouettes Scrapbooking Kit:

This has got to be one of the most gorgeous creative kits I've seen yet. This kit was inspired by European paper cutting. The kit includes 20 stickers, 2 papers and 1 12" x 12" silhouette. Paper lace lovers are sure to appreciate the intricate, detailed designs.

Click here to see them at

Click here to see them at 2peas.

A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe Sells These Too! Please click here to view.

Margo Lacy Diecut Cardstock Labels & Tags

Margo Paper Lace Edged Diecut Labels Tags Scrapbook Embellishments

These Margo die cut labels / tags are very similar to the Wild Saffron package I described above, except that obviously the colors and print are different. The sizes & shapes look to me like they are probably the same. These are a seriously GREAT value for the money- each package contains 40 cardstock-weight labels! They are really beautiful! They will add a delightful, sophisticated touch to your scrapbook layout or craft project. Use them for small bits of journaling, names, dates, quotes, song lyrics, or write a note or greeting to attach to a handmade greeting card. Stamp on them. Ink them. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

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Here are Some Supplies From the Margo Collection That Are Currently For Sale on Ebay:

Themes & motifs from the Margo Line: Butterflies, flowers, lace and die cuts, paper cutting, scrollwork, flourishes, stripes

The Brand New Sea Glass Collection by K & Co.

Pad of Pattered Paper From the Sea Glass Collection by K and Company

OK, I admit that it's a bit of a stretch to include this collection on my paper lace themed web site. There ARE some "lacy" items in this collection- like the self-adhesive paper ribbons, and the embossed die cut shell paper, which I have shown below. However lace obviously isn't the focus of this line. Yet, I am so excited about this line that I cannot resist including it here on this page. I am lucky enough to live right by the ocean, which means that I create numerous beach-themed scrapbook pages and other projects. Interestingly enough, I rarely purchase beach themed papers and embellishments. However, this line has captured my imagination enough to make me want to purchase the whole collection. I can honestly see using almost everything in the line with only a few possible exceptions. I love pretty much everything about this collection- the sophisticated colors, the variety of choices, all the different motifs and possibilities.

Sea Glass Adhesive Paper Ribbon

Sea Glass Self Adhesive Paper Ribbon Stickers With Beach Theme: Ocean Waves, Sand Dollars, and Shells.

These paper ribbons are so creative! Looking at them just inspires me to want to scrap. I can think of about a zillion different ways to use them. The motifs are lovely. One is a variation on a diecut scalloped lacy border that cleverly incorporates ocean waves. Another is border with repeating sand dollars. Then there is another imaginative scalloped lacy border that incorporates a sophisticated shell pattern into the design. I am so impressed by these! I'll take 2 packages, please. :)

If you want to buy them too, please click here to see them at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Die Cut Cardstock Tags / Labels From the Sea Glass Collection

Die Cut Lacy Cardstock Labels or Tags From the Sea Glass Collection by K and Company

It is little details like these that transform layouts and cards from "good" to "outstanding". These pretty die cut labels will add an interesting note to your paper craft projects, wherever you choose to use them. The colors coordinate with the other papers and embellishments in the Sea Glass collection- very chic and sophisticated. I think these are a fantastic value for the money.

Click Here To Buy Them at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

K & Company Green Shell Pattern Die Cut Embossed Paper From the Sea Glass Collection

Beach and Shell Themed Lacy Die Cut Paper From the SeaGlass Collection by K and Company

This lovely paper is both embossed and die cut; the embossing adds a subtle dimensional texture. Motifs include seaweed and lovely lacy shells. The edges are an elaborate scalloped paper lace design. I think this paper is a winner! It will make a "big splash" (haha) in the scrapbooking community.

Click Here To See This Paper For Sale at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Themes & motifs from the Sea Glass Line: Shells, Waves, Starfish, Beach, Ocean, Travel, Vacation, Fish, Weathered Wood, Stripes, Palm Trees, Map, Sailboats

The Smitten Collection by K & Co.

This line gives new fresh meaning to the words "Pretty in Pink"- it's a delightful collection that would be perfect for so many different themes- Valentine's Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Prom, Girls' Night Out, Spring, Summer, Female Bonding, Birthdays, Celebrations and More.

Smitten Specialty Pad With Glitter, Foil, Thermography and Flat Designer Patterned Papers

The Smitten Specialty Pad of Patterned Paper:

This pad of designer patterned paper looks to me like a pretty good deal! You get 24 double sided papers in the pad, and some of the papers have cool specialty extras like glitter, thermography (raised printing), and foil.

Click here to get one at

Click here to see them at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lots of the Smitten patterned papers are sold individually as open stock papers, so if you just want to buy one, or a couple, of sheets of Smitten paper without getting a whole pad, you can do that too.

Smitten Lace Stripes 12"x12" Patterned Scrapbooking Paper:

Lace Stripes Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by K and Company Now here's a unique and out-of-the-ordinary paper! This design features lovely lace stripes in shades of pink, fuschia, melon and magenta. Definitely a great find for the scrapbooker or paper crafter who wants an unusual lace print paper.

Click Here To Buy Smitten Lace Stripe Patterned Paper at

Smitten Butterflies 12"x12" Patterned Scrapbooking Paper:

Butterflies, Lace, Flourishes, Hearts and Music Notes Patterned Paper From the Smitten Collection by  K & Co.

This gorgeous paper combines 3 of my favorite things: the color pink, plus lacy decorative motifs around the edges, plus butterflies. I am not sure if you can tell from the photo, but it also has subtle faint music notes in the background too. This is sooooo pretty! So romantic! This patterned paper is acid free and lignin free, so it will stand the test of time. You'll be able to use it in handmade Valentines and greeting cards, scrapbooking layouts, altered art, altered books, mini books, art journals, art trading cards, or whatever else you can think of!

Click Here To Buy From A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lace Vellum Paper 12" x 12":

Lace Vellum Paper by K & Company

Get it at

I've only pictured a few things from the Smitten collection, but there are lots more embellishments and patterned papers available. Lots of the other items in the Smitten Collection will appeal to paper lace lovers too. You can click here to see more of the Smitten Collection at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe. They have quite a bit of the Smitten line for sale, including lace paper ribbon stickers, chipboard, rub ons and lots of other fantastic goodies. also stocks the Smitten Collection, and at the time I checked they had a good selection too. Click Here To See The Smitten Collection Available For Sale at


You'll usually find lots of people selling K & Company's scrapbooking supplies on ebay, so it's possible that you could find items from the Smitten collection.

Click Here To See More Items From the Smitten Collection, For Sale in Ebay Stores.

Themes from the Smitten Collection: Love, Lace, Valentines, Valentine's Day, Romance, Butterflies, Hearts, Sentiments

BRAND NEW Red, Green and White Paper Lace Ribbon From the Christmas Cheer Collection

This might be named "Christmas Cheer", but you could really use it all year around.

Red Green and White Paper Lace Ribbon From the K and Company Christmas Cheer Collection

Click here to buy it at

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Parchment Craft

I'm a total beginner at parchment craft, but I am really enjoying learning more about it. There are so many lovely and appealing qualities about the work. I'm definitely intrigued by the possibilities! As of right now I only own one book on the topic of parchment craft, and that book also covers numerous other paper craft techniques, which is actually why I bought the book in the first place- I was looking for books about how to make paper lace. The name of the book is Search Press Book of Traditional Paper Crafts, and the author is Janet Wilson. You can click here to read more about that book. I also recently found some other interesting books about parchment craft, but I haven't actually purchased any of them. You can click here to read my blog post about those parchment craft books if you are interested. I recently discovered the work of a UK-based artist, and I have really been admiring all of this seller's parchment craft offerings. I am especially intrigued by the cards and bookmarks- they are truly exquisite! If this artist currently has work available for sale on ebay, it will appear in a list below. If not, you won't see anything, but please check back soon. If you know of any other parchment craft artists and artisans, please do post and share. I would be very interested in featuring more parchment craft enthusiasts on this site. Thanks so much!

Scrapbooking Papers: Good Deal Alert!

This is the best deal I have seen on scrapbooking paper in a long time! 200 sheets of brand name paper for $14.99 + shipping- OH MY GOODNESS! I just purchased one of these lots, and there are a couple left, so I thought I'd post about them. The highlight of this lot seems to me to be all the die-cut papers from Creative Imaginations Narratives line. Paper lace enthusiasts are sure to appreciate this exquisite paper, considering that the die cut edges do somewhat resemble a contemporary take on paper lace. There are 16 die cut papers included in each of the lots for sale that I linked to. Those die cut papers usually sell for around $1.50 each! It looks to me like the picture shows the Pink Floral die cut paper, the Blue Floral die cut paper, and a bunch of the polka dotted die cut papers. According to the seller, there are also papers by Basic Grey, My Mind's Eye, Cosmo Cricket, Adornit, Dream Street Papers, Daisy D's, Cherry Arte, and Cosmo Cricket. Looks like great stuff! The seller is selling these papers in lots (from a scrapbook store closing). I just bought one lot, and as of this posting there are 2 left. I've never dealt with this particular seller, but another lucky scrapper who already left her feedback wrote "Im so happy I'm crying like a babyThank you the paper is GREAT UR a great seller" about a similar lot. So, I'm thinking it looks pretty good! It always makes me really sad to hear about anyone going out of business. It especially makes me sad to hear about scrapbooking stores going out of business. :( But, having said that, I think it would be even worse to have no buyers at your going out of business sale. I definitely wouldn't want her to have that problem! :D Ebay's been pretty slow lately, and there are tons of good deals to be found...

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KI Memories Lace Cardstock

Collage of Different KI Memories Lace Cardstock Papers

Lately, Lace Cardstock has been one of the most popular trends in scrapbooking and paper crafts. It is easy to see why, with so many different creative designs and colors of Lace Cardstock available. There are so many different things you can do with this paper. Aside from all the obvious uses, I've discovered that it makes a good "mask" or stencil. If that is how you decide to use it, each sheet can be re-used many times.

Lace Cardstock is acid free and archival safe. Each paper measures 12" x 12", and is die cut.

Heartbeat Lace Cardstock From the Paisley Parade Collection by KI Memories

Paper lace by KI Memories - This design is called Heartbeat and it is part of the Paisley Parade collection.

Isn't this paper cute? It's a fun, fresh and contemporary design perfect for making scrapbooking layouts, cards, altered art or other paper crafts. This design is a versatile heart pattern with a youthful feeling. The name of the design is "Heartbeat" and the color name is "Fruit Punch." This paper is part of the "Paisley Parade" collection by KI Memories.

This paper is available for sale at; click here to check availability.

Modern Lace Cardstock From the Posh Collection

Modern Lace Cardstock in the Oil Slick Colorway, From the Posh Collection by KI Memories

Here we have a floral lace cardstock design in a chic black color named "Oil Slick." This paper is from the "Posh" collection by KI Memories. This paper is available for sale at; click here to check availability.

Gossip Lace Cardstock From the Enchanting Collection

Gossip Lace Cardstock Paper for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking, Manufactured by KI Memories

This lace cardstock is lovely, isn't it? This paper is from the "Enchanting" collection by KI Memories, and I think it definitely lives up to the promise of "enchanting." The color name is "blushing;" it's a feminine shade of pink. You can purchase this paper at

Tickets Lace Cardstock From the Wild Life Collection

Lace Cardstock Paper With Tickets Design Theme

This unusual paper features a whole bunch of die-cut tickets. I'll bet you can think of all kinds of interesting layouts that would work with this paper; it could be used for different themes, whether you got tickets to a rock concert, a good movie, a circus or the Amtrack. The paper is from the "Wild Life" collection, which is actually a zoo themed grouping of supplies. You can buy this paper at

Lacy Tropical Hawaiian Style Die Cut Papers With Hibiscus Flowers: Hula Lace Cardstock in Envy (Green), Hot Pink, and Prince (Purple) by KI Memories.

Hula Envy Tropical Hawaiian Lace Cardstock 2008 It's hard to choose a favorite, but I think that the new "Hula" design is it for me. This die cut paper just inspires me to want to scrap! The paper features tropical motifs including hibiscus flowers, palm tree leaves and branches, ferns and flowers. I spend a lot of time at the beach, and I love tropical flowers, so this design (in every color) will fit right into my scrapbooks. (It's also a good reminder that I haven't finished my Hawaii album- I better get moving on that.)

In my opinion, the "envy" color looks like it will be the easiest to use out of all the available "Hula" colors. The other colors are beautiful too, though.

KI Memories Hula Hot Pink Lace Cardstock With Hawaiian Style Tropical Hibiscus FlowersHula Lace Cardstock From the 2008 Collection. This is the Purple Color Named Prince.

New Posies Lace Cardstock in 3 Colors: Grape, Pinata and Red Hot!

Grape Posies Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies...this new paper has a fresh, youthful, playful quality that brings childhood games and songs to mind. It also, in my opinion, has a lovely retro charm that is quite appealing. It would be fun to use this paper in kids' layouts, even if the photos were taken in the 1970's or 1980's.

The "Posies" design is available in 3 different colors: Grape, Pinata (Pink), and Red Hot. One thing I really appreciate about KI Memories, is how well coordinated their product lines are. These colors all coordinate with other papers and embellishments (and even scrapbook albums!) that are also available from KI Memories. Gotta love that!

Posies Paper Lace Cardstock in the Pinata Pink Color. Brand New For 2008 By KI Memories.New 2008 Lace Cardstock in the Red Hot Posies Color, by KI Memories

Posies Lace Cardstock For Sale on Ebay:

Image Description Price
KI Memories - 12 x 12 Lace Cardstock - Posies - Grape $2.00 bids: 6
ñata $2.00 bids: 5
KI Memories - 12 x 12 Lace Cardstock - Posies - Red Hot $2.00 bids: 6


Stars Sublime Green Lace Cardstock by KI Memories 2008 Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...

If you want to make layouts about wishing upon a star, or having star quality...then this is the paper for you. This could also be a good paper choice if you do layouts celebrating your childrens' successes, whether it be hitting a home run, or all "A's" on a report card, or passing a difficult test. I am sure you will think of plenty of other creative ways to use this fun themed paper too. The possibilities are really endless.

This design is available in 3 colors: Sublime (green), Boogieboard (blue), and Red Hot.

Stars Lace Cardstock in the Boogieboard Blue Color. By KI Memories, 2008.Lace Cardstock Red Hot Stars by KI Memories, 2008

Journal Lace Cardstock in Teal, Hazard, and White:

Teal Journal Lace Cardstock by KI Memories 2008 How CUTE is this! I think KI Memories has a winner with this fantastic lace cardstock paper called "Journal". I especially like the font they used in this, and I love how the words are all die cut. I think this is such a creative and innovative design. It's very useable too, in my opinion. "Journal" is available in 3 colors: teal, hazard and white. I especially like the teal color.

Some of the words in the journaling are ocean, sun, sea, summer, road trip, family, vacation, hotel, discover, passport, city, water, relaxation, amazing, sand, airplane, and discover. There are also cute little flower motifs sprinkled in among the words. I think it's adorable overall! This would be a great themed paper to use in vacation scrapbook layouts and pages.

Journal Hazard Paper Lace CardstockWhite Journal Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Sonnet in Powder (blue), Black and Storm (Gray):

Powder Blue Sonnet Paper Lace Cardstock I had really been hoping for a wedding themed diecut paper, and I am glad that KI Memories came up with this fabulous design.

This paper features lots of die cut words relating to weddings: Tuxedo, bouquet, presents, honeymoon, dreams, cake, engagement, husband, wife, forever, marriage, dreams, reception, rings, vow, ETC. This paper is just perfect for bridal themed scrapbook pages and layouts. It would also be a good choice for making wedding cards, wedding invitations, announcements or gifts. The colors available are powder blue, storm gray, and black. I like them all! I think they'd all be really easy to use (although I'd personally like to have a white one, too...)

Black Sonnet Paper Lace Cardstock by KI MemoriesSonnet Gray Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Bouquet Lace Cardstock in Dew, White and Cosmo (Pink):

Bouquet Dew Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Here's another floral lace cardstock design. Well, what can I say about this one. To be honest, it's not really my favorite, although I know a lot of other people really love it. "Bouquet" does have a childlike simplicity that could possibly be appealing to some scrapbookers. I think it could go in 2 different directions- either very "cutesie", or very chic and simple. I will really be interested to see the layouts and projects that other people make with this paper, but I really don't see myself using it for anything. With so many other spectacular choices available, I will have plenty of lace cardstock in my scrapbook albums even if I skip buying this one.

Bouquet Lace Cardstock in Cosmo PinkBouquet White Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Lullaby Baby Themed Scrapbooking Paper

Bluebird Blue Lullaby Baby Boy Themed Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Here's an adorable themed paper for new baby layouts. You can choose from 3 colors. The lipstick color is a gorgeous pink that would be perfect for baby girls. The Bluebird color is perfect for baby boy layouts, and then the Green Tea color is perfect if you want to get started on your layout or project but you have no idea yet whether it's a boy or a girl. (Or if for some reason you are just sick to death of pink or blue.)

This paper truly amazes me. It looks to me like the artist who designed it must have put quite a bit of time and effort into creating it. Some of the words incorporated into the design are sweet, cute, baby, love you, adorable, onesie, amazing, beautiful, tiny, snuggly, mommy, sleep, fun, rattle, teddy bear, duckie, smile, hugs and kisses, nursery, cradle, daddy, etc. There are also lots of little heart motifs sprinkled throughout the design.

Green Tea Lullaby Baby Themed Lace Cardstock Scrapbook Paper by KI MemoriesLipstick Pink Lullaby Baby Girl Themed Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Hearts Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper

Hearts Graphite Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper Here's another creative, and versatile, scrapbooking paper from the 2008 Lace Cardstock collection. This one is very simple and chic and elegant. I've been working on a wedding scrapbook, so of course that is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this paper. However, I can think of a lot of uses for it, and I think this design will be really popular. You can use it to make layouts about pretty much anyone in your life, from your sister to your children to your mom, husband, best friend, or even your pets. The paper is really beautiful and distinctive. The colors available on this are lovely. There is a color called "Blushing", which is a pretty pastel pink. Then there is a graphite gray color, and a ceramic color. All 3 of the colors are very useable, in my opinion.

Hearts Blushing Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper By KI Memories 2008Hearts Ceramic Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper by KI Memories 2008

Subjects: A School Themed Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper

Subjects Navy Blue Lace Cardstock School Themed Scrapbooking Paper Here's a fantastic school themed paper that is sure to spark your creative imagination. I imagine this design is going to be really popular with scrapbooking moms who have school aged children.

Some of the words you'll find in this paper are Study Hall, Band, English, Gym, Speech, History, Math, Science, and Art. You'll also find lots of little star motifs scattered throughout the design, which means that this would be the perfect coordinate to the "Stars" lace cardstock if you want to use them together in a scrapbooking layout. This is a really cute paper, and I cannot wait to see what everyone will make with it.

Subjects Taxi Yellow Lace Cardstock School Themed Scrapbook PaperSubjects Black Lace Cardstock School Theme Scrapbook Paper

Apples Lace Cardstock Scrapbook Paper:

Red Dashing Apples Lace Cardstock Themed Scrapbook Paper Here's an adorable, playful, whimsical scrapbooking paper featuring oodles of apples. I think this paper is charming and delightful! I bet some creative scrappers will come up with lots of interesting ways to use this. I could possibly see using it as a background paper for picnic themed layouts, pages about bobbing for apples, and things like that. Or, maybe, if you don't think it's too cliche, "apple for the teacher" type layouts...Also, it would be a fantastic paper to use for creating Rosh Hashana themed projects, like greeting cards for your Jewish friends and loved ones, or scrapbook layouts.

I love the color choices available for this paper! I think the team at KI Memories did a great job picking the colors. The red color is called "Dashing", and it resembles red delicious apples. The "Hazard" color reminds me of golden delicious apples. Of course, the green color (named "Lucky") reminds me of Granny Smith apples. So fun!

Apples Hazard Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper From the Lace Cardstock 2008 Collection by KI MemoriesApples Lucky Die Cut Scrapbook Paper From the Lace Cardstock Collection by KI Memories

Bloom Frosty Lace Cardstock:

The Bloom Line by KI Memories includes lots of different patterned papers and embellishments in addition to lovely die cut patterned papers called "Frosty Lace Cardstock". The "Frosty" part refers to a subtle shimmer that is really truly gorgeous! You don't really see it in these photos, but when you see the paper in person you will definitely notice it. This web site, of course, focuses on paper lace, so we won't be featuring all the papers and embellishments from the Bloom Collection on this page. However, we did want to mention it because the collection is outstanding and you will probably want to take a look at it. Of course, we highly recommend the lace cardstock designs from the Bloom Collection; they are all beautiful.