Amy’s Free Paper Lace Idea Book


The content that you see in Amy’s Free Paper Lace Idea Book posted here at was originally intended to be an actual, physical paper crafts idea book. Instead, it is a digital book that is being published online for you to enjoy for free. This “book” contains all the information you will need to learn to make your own paper lace, using techniques that I have developed from readily available papers and craft supplies.

Now, my way of creating paper lace is not the only way of doing it. I do not claim to have the last word on paper lace design, either. I have been researching paper lace for several years, and at the time I started, I could not find any comprehensive resources about paper lace- either online or in book form. I am now attempting to create the comprehensive resource that I would have liked to find when I first went searching for information. So, if you look around the entire web site, you will notice that I have posted links, resources, and information about every other way of making paper lace that I could find. I have a vast (and growing) collection of antique and vintage paper lace examples that I share with you. I am interested in paper lace in all its forms, from die cut patterned scrapbooking papers, to doilies, to Catholic “holy cards”, to greeting cards and Valentines. I am also continually updating these web pages when I find more information about paper lace.

I have yet to find anyone who has actually published a book or web site with paper lace making techniques that are exactly like the ones I have developed. I do think these techniques would make a fantastic idea book. Someday I might publish this book, or something similar (perhaps a sequel?) in actual book format; if so, at that point these paper lace projects and ideas might or might not be available for free any more.

I was told (by several book publishers) that there would not be enough interest in my paper lace idea book to justify publishing it. I am on a mission to prove them wrong! I thought they were wrong to start with, considering that this web site already gets thousands of views from paper crafters who want to learn how to make their own paper lace. If you are one of those people, I aim to help you find the information that you want, and I don’t really care if you are the only other person in the universe who wants to learn how to make paper lace. (You aren’t, though, trust me.)

So, I say to you, dear reader, forget the book publishers (for now anyway). Save the money you would have spent on the idea book, and use it to buy your art supplies instead, because the publishers will not be getting any of the money they might have otherwise had from sales of this book. I hope you will enjoy the “book” for free, and spread the word about it to all your friends too. is obviously set up in blog format, which I think is an ideal way to present this kind of information. It allows for a level of interactivity that you would never achieve from a book you buy at the book store. For one thing, you will notice that the supply lists all contain direct links to sources where you can buy the supplies that I recommend. This will hopefully save you hours of searching all around the internet to find what you want, freeing up more of your valuable time for crafting.

You can post any questions, comments, insights, or observations that arise during the creative process. If you have found a better way to do something than what I’ve posted, or if you cannot figure something out, or if something really inspires you, please feel free to comment! Comments will be moderated in order to keep the blog free of spam, but all related comments will be approved within a few days, usually sooner. Also, stay tuned in the days ahead for fun interactive challenges and projects where you will be able to share your creations with other paper lace enthusiasts.

Another fantastic thing about the blog format: a blog is more like an unfolding story without an ending, than it is like a book with a beginning and an end. So, in a sense, this is a work that will never be “finished”. Similarly, I do not think that there is any limit to what can be created using these paper lace techniques. There will always be a new, fresh way to use them or re-interpret them.

Overall I am hoping you will get a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from this free paper lace idea book, and that you will return to it again and again as a favorite resource. Thanks very much for your interest! Enjoy!

Updated to add: PLEASE NOTE that FREE does not mean that you have permission to take these ideas and publish them, sell them or re-distribute them elsewhere. Please respect my copyright. I do reserve all rights to this work. I don’t mind if you use these techniques to make your own paper lace to use in crafts projects for either personal use or for sale. However, please do not claim these techniques as yours, write or publish articles using these techniques, or teach these techniques as a class. If you want to inform other crafters about these paper lace making techniques, I would appreciate it if you send that person a link to this web site (and I also encourage you to place a link to from your blog or web site if you use these techniques and find them helpful). If you use these ideas I would appreciate it if you do credit whenever possible so that other paper crafters know where they can find the instructions to make their own paper lace. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps spread the word. I really appreciate your support.

Amy Solovay

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