Chapter 6: Paper Lace With Vellum

Hand Stitched Paper Lace Borders Made of Vellum. Use These Lovely Embellishments For Scrapbooking, Handmade Greeting Cards, Valentines, Wedding Invitations and Other Paper Crafts.

Vellum is an exquisite material to work with, but it is slightly more complicated to use it in paper lace than ordinary paper is. This is mostly true because you can see straight through vellum, unlike paper.

In chapter two, making basic paper lace, we discussed gluing Graph Paper to the back of your paper or printing a graph on the back of your paper. Obviously, this is not going to be possible with Vellum because the graph could be seen through the Vellum.

The workaround to this is relatively simple. What you are going to do is work with Vellum that is slightly wider than the finished size you need. Allow at least a half inch extra on each side because you will be stapling the sides and then cutting off the stapled edges. So, instead of gluing the whole sheet of graph paper to the vellum as you normally would with paper, you are going to staple the sides of the graph paper to the sides of the vellum and then do your cutting. While you are cutting, take care that you do not separate the graph paper from the vellum. After you have cut and punched out your paper lace design, then simply remove the stapled edges and you will have a gorgeous piece of vellum lace.

Layered laces also get more complicated when you use vellum instead of paper, because you can see adhesives through the Vellum. I have found that stitching the layers together is the most satisfactory way of attaching 2 layers of vellum together. I recommend planning ahead when you design Vellum lace projects so that you can actually stitch the entire piece of paper lace to the base at one time. So, if you are making a greeting card, plan your greeting card in advance so that when you are ready to sew the paper lace you can sew all layers down onto the greeting card at the same time.

I have found that working with Vellum has been worth the challenge. Some of my most beautiful paper laces were created with vellum. I hope you will enjoy working with vellum as much as I have!