Fancy Pants Lace Wraps and Lacy Patterned Papers

Fancy Pants manufactures some of my favorite lacy scrapbooking supplies, including patterned papers, ribbons and lace embellishments. This page features just a few of the beautiful lace-themed supplies that are available from Fancy Pants.

Fancy Pants Lace Wraps

You’ll find plenty of uses for these gorgeous lace wraps by Fancy Pants Designs. They’re the perfect stylish accessories to accent your scrapbooking layouts, but you could use them in a variety of art and crafts projects as well- anything from sewing to paper crafts. Each package of Lace Wraps by Fancy Pants includes 3 yards of fibers ~ one yard of each of 3 fabulous coordinating designs:

  • Rickrack
  • A fancy wide lace edging
  • Narrow velvet ribbon ~ sooo luxurious!

Fancy Pants Scrapbooking Embellishments: Lace Wraps in Amber

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Lace Wraps: Flushed by Fancy Pants Designs

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Scrapbooking Embellishments by Fancy Pants: Lace Wraps in a Color Called Icing

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Fancy Pants Lacy Ribbons

Ribbons From the Fancy Free Collection: Vintage Summer

Each package contains 6 yards of lovely coordinating ribbons and laces ~ one yard each of 6 different designs. Some of these are lacy and some of them are not, but all of them are delightfully FANCY! There are lots of imaginative uses for these ribbons and laces. They make perfect scrapbooking embellishments, but could be used to wrap gifts, make greeting cards, trim your sewing projects, or add a delightful finishing touch to just about any art or craft project.

Fancy Pants Vintage Summer Ribbon Card: Scrapbooking Embellishments With Lace

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Fancy Pants Lacy Patterned Papers:

Victorian Lace Paper From the Free Spirit Collection

Fancy Pants Victorian Lace Patterned Paper
These 2 patterned paper designs by Fancy Pants are just about as gorgeous as you can possibly get. Of course, the “Victorian Lace” side captured my heart. The look is a bit shabby, a bit distressed, a bit vintage, and 100% elegant. This Victorian lace paper is double sided; one thing I really love about Fancy Pants’ double sided papers is that the patterns compliment each other without being too similar. You can cut the paper and have 2 different patterns to use in the same layout if you want to. (That’s not how I usually do it though.) I personally get the most value from using both sides as a background and making a layout on both sides of the paper- so that I get 2 layouts out of one sheet of paper. When you do it like that, the slightly higher price for double sided paper is totally justified because it actually works out to being less expensive than if you’d purchased 2 different pieces of single sided paper. The only thing is that you have to be neater and more careful when you make the layouts, which is totally worth the effort.

The reverse side of this Victorian Lace paper is an eggshell blue color with delicate Victorian style scrollwork printed in shades of brown. Lovely! Will enhance a variety of different photos if you use it in scrapbooking pages and layouts; this patterned paper would also be an outstanding choice for altered art projects, cardmaking projects, altered books, art journals, art trading cards, ACEOs, or other paper crafting projects.

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