Lace Cardstock Project Ideas

Card Making:

Handmade Greeting Card With Pinata Pink Lace Cardstock by KI Memories and Scalloped Crafty Creations by Worldwin Papers:

Lace Cardstock Hugs Greeting Card

This is such an easy cardmaking project! It’s also versatile; you can change it pretty easily if you don’t like the colors, the stamps, or any of the other details.

Materials and Supplies Used:

Lace Cardstock Greeting Card and Supplies Used To Make It

Project Instructions:

Start with a plain, undecorated “Crafty Creations” Scalloped Circle card by Worldwin Papers. These come in packages of 10 and they all have matching envelopes. (I didn’t take a picture of the envelopes, but the envelopes coordinate and you could ink them up or decorate them to match the card if you want.)

These scalloped cards are GREAT because they are 100% recycled and 20% post consumer waste, so they are environmentally friendly (in addition to being adorable). Just love ’em!

Crafty Creations Scalloped Circle

Next, you’re going to take your Colorbox Olive Pastel Fluid Chalk and ink around the edges of the scalloped card. You don’t really need to worry about being too precise; just ink and have fun! It will look something like this when you are finished inking it:

Scalloped Card Inked With Fluid Chalk.

Next, you’re going to start stamping. The first stamp to use is the smaller flourish stamp in the “Bella Flora” stamp set by Inque Boutique. What you’re going to do is ink the stamp with one of the green dye inks from Rubber Stampede. (Feel free to substitute another color or another ink all together if you prefer. No big deal- whatever ink you like and want to use will work!) Then just start stamping your way around the outer edges. Again, no need to worry about being too precise; this stamp design is very forgiving of mistakes.

Rubber Stamping With The Flourish Stamp From The Inque Boutique Bella Flora Set

When you are finished stamping, it will look something like this:

Inked & Hand Stamped Scalloped Card

Next you’re going to use the smaller flower stamp from the Inque Boutique Bella Flora stamp set. What I did: I stamped the stamp one time in each scallop, but positioned it so that only a little more than half the floral image stamped. (Did that make sense?) In other words, you’ll only have a partial flower design stamped in each petal of the scallop. Here are some pictures to help you get a better idea of what I’m talking about:

Scalloped Floral Greeting Card Craft Project, Detail Shot of Work In Progress

Stamping With Inque Boutique’s Bella Flora Small Flower.

Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes here. I stamped on top of the stamping pad that was included with my Inque Boutique stamp set. While this is generally a good idea, in this particular case I made a mess- because pink ink got all over the stamping pad. I thought of a solution that will help you avoid making this kind of mess when you try this. First, put down your stamping pad. Then put a paper towel on top of it, and THEN stamp your design. That way the excess ink will get all over the paper towel instead of getting all over your stamp pad or work surface (or hands. If you notice pink ink on my hands in these photos- well, that’s why! Haha.)

It’s also worth noting that, in this step, precision is a bit more important. TRY to be precise in your placement of the flowers. I failed miserably at this, by the way, so don’t stress about it too much. No big deal if you stamp a few flowers that aren’t positioned well. OK, truthfully, it’s really no big deal if you mess up every single one of them. The art police aren’t going to come to your house and arrest you. I promise! But, it’s good to try for perfection too…why not? Like the old cliche goes- shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll still end up among the stars…

OK, so when you are finished stamping all the way around the edges of the scalloped card, you’ll have a design that looks something like this:

Hand Stamped Scalloped Greeting Card- Work in Progress

Next, you’re going to draw a circle in pencil in the center of this design. (I didn’t take a photo of this step, sorry, but hopefully you can figure out how to do this- it’s easy.) For best results, use a circle template. I used the circle template from my Fiskars Express shape cutter set. You can use any method at all to get your circle drawn- use a compass, trace around a doll’s plate from your kids’ dolls’ tea set, use a craft stencil, whatever. The circle I drew for mine was about three inches in diameter.

Next you’re going to take your pink ink and just ink all around the insides of the circle you drew. Try to be as precise as you can, but if you’re using a square ink pad like I did you’re going to probably make a mess of it. Mess = no big deal = that’s life! Here’s how mine turned out. As you can see, all ideas of precision went right out the window. Bet your results will be even better!

Partially completed scalloped stamped and inked greeting card

Next what you’re going to do is take your pinata pink lace cardstock, turn it over on the back so that you are working with the white side, and draw a circle that is about 3.5 inches in diameter. I used my Fiskars shape express circle template again. Then, take scissors and actually cut out the circle.

Worth noting: I attempted to cut out the circle using my shape express shape cutter, but I failed miserably. The lace cardstock is delicate, plus it kept shifting around as I tried to cut. So, I don’t recommend cutting the circle using the Shape Xpress (although generally speaking, I LOVE the Shape Xpress cutter for most projects- just not this particular step of this project.) There might be better ways of cutting out the circle than this- if you have a better idea, feel free to use it. Good old fashioned scissors will get the job done, though.

Lace Cardstock Circle Cut Using Fiskars Shape Express Circle Template

Circle Cut From KI Memories Lace Cardstock in Pinata Pink

Next, use the adhesive of your choice to stick the lace cardstock circle onto the hand stamped scalloped card base. It will then look something like this:

Scalloped Lace Cardstock Greeting Card: Work in Progress

Next we’re going to make and add the sentiment. Now, this part allows for a huge amount of creativity. I’ve used a stamp from the Valentine Ribbons stamp set by Hero Arts that says “Hugs Hugs Hugs”. However, you have lots of other options as far as sentiments go. The same stamp set offers lots more possibilities. There are Valentine stamps, love stamps, “Be Mine”, hearts, and more. And, Hero Arts made quite a few different “ribbons” stamp sets. (I think these have all been retired now, but you can get them on ebay pretty easily. That’s where I got mine, by the way.) Here’s a pic of mine: (click to enlarge if you need to.)

Hero Arts Valentine Ribbons Retired Wood mounted Stamp Set

So between all these different ribbons stamps, and all kinds of other border stamps that are currently available, you have LOTS of choices for what you want your card to say. Have fun choosing a sentiment! 🙂

After you’ve chosen your sentiment, stamp it in pink ink onto pink cardstock. (You might need to stamp it twice or a more if your border stamp isn’t as wide as the card is.) Then cut it out using Fiskars Mini Scallop Paper Edgers.

Mini Scallop Paper Edgers With Stamped Sentiments

Then all you have to do is adhere it to the card and trim. You can also ink the edges of the card if you like.

Attaching Scalloped Ribbon Stamp to the Handmade Greeting Card

Send and enjoy!

Hand Stamped “Hello” Greeting Card With Pinata Pink Lace Cardstock by KI Memories, Paper Lace Made With the Fiskars Sunburst Punch, and a Bright Colored Flower Embellishment From the American Crafts “Details” Collection:

Greeting Card With Lace Cardstock by KI Memories and Paper Lace Made Using the Fiskars Sunburst Punch, Plus a Flower Embellishment by American Crafts
This Photos Shows 2 More Detail Views of the Paper Lace Greeting Card

Supplies Used To Make This Greeting Card:

Instructions for How To Make This Paper Lace Greeting Card:

  • Cut a 7″ x 10″ piece of Strathmore bristol board. Fold it in half using the bone folder to create the 5″ x 7″ base for the greeting card.
  • Cut a 5″ x 7″ piece of purple cardstock and attach to front of card.
  • Cut a 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ piece of the green side of the “Funnel Cake” patterned paper by American Crafts and attach to front of card.
  • Carefully cut out a random piece of Socialite Lace Cardstock by KI Memories and attach to front of card.
  • Create the Paper Lace Band and attach to front of card:
  • The bottom layer of the paper lace band is made by punching both sides of a strip of purple cardstock using the Fiskars Sunburst Border Punch.
  • The middle layer of the paper lace band is made by cutting a 1/2″ strip of pink cardstock using the Fiskars Mini Scallop Paper Edgers.
  • The top layer of the paper lace band is made by cutting a slightly smaller strip of green paper using scalloped decorative scissors and punching 1/16″ dots with the Fiskars circle hand punch. The dots should be spaced evenly at 1/4″ intervals. Please see my free idea book about how to create paper lace for more tips on how to make this kind of paper lace.
  • Attach the “Details” Layered Flower embellishment by American Crafts on top of the paper lace band.
  • Add a sentiment if desired and a greeting for the recipient. Send and enjoy!

Scrapbooking Pages and Layouts Using Lace Cardstock:

Coming soon!

This page will feature more paper crafting project ideas including scrapbooking layouts, collages and greeting cards made using Lace Cardstock by K.I. Memories. I am working on putting together more projects and instructions for you. Please check back soon! Thanks for your interest.