Martha Stewart Scalloped & Lace Border Punches

Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Sets

Lately, die-cut papers have been one of the hottest trends in scrapbooking. The problem is, they’re expensive! You pay $2.00-$3.00 for a single sheet of die-cut scrapbooking paper! Yikes. Not only that, the selection is still somewhat limited; it can be difficult to find die cut papers in specific colors or themes you might need.

Martha Stewart’s “punch around the page” punch sets solve this problem beautifully. Using these fabulous punches, you can create your own fancy edges on the papers of your choice. Use the punches over and over as many times as you like — they’ll pay for themselves quickly if you do a lot of scrapbooking or paper crafting.

Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Set in the Double Loops Design -- Create Beautiful Lacy Edges on Scrapbooking Papers or Craft Papers -- Perfect for Scrapbook Albums, Card Making, Collage Art, Mixed Media Art and Paper Crafts

The punches pictured here are part of the “Double Loops” punch around the page set.

More Martha Stewart Punches

I always look forward to receiving new issues of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, primarily because of the crafts projects. Martha Stewart is known for her style, and she created quite a buzz when she decided to release her new line of stylish Martha Stewart brand scrapbooking supplies. Not all of her scrapbooking supplies are to my taste, but in my opinion Martha Stewart’s lacy and scalloped border punches are exquisite! You can use the border punches to punch out your own fancy lacy paper edges, adding an elegant touch to wedding invitations, wedding guest books, wedding craft projects, greeting cards, valentines, scrapbooking layouts, altered art, art journals, mini books, etc.

Martha Stewart Border Punches For Sale Online

Martha Stewart Punches for Sale at Ebay

Below is a short list of Martha Stewart punches that are currently available for sale on the (USA) web site. If you see something you like, you can click on it to go directly to the auction for more information, or to place a bid on the punch or buy it. (If you are in the UK, Canada or Australia, please scroll down to see links appropriate for your country.)

I am a bargain hunter, and I have found that ebay often has the best deals on craft supplies. So, I like to take a look at ebay listings to see if I can find the best deals on the new supplies I want. Having said that, ebay isn’t as good as it used to be. Sometimes you have to look through a lot of junk to get to the good stuff, and you also have to be careful who you buy from. Please remember to check feedback before you bid on or buy anything. If you’re willing to spend the time on checking feedback and looking through the listings, you might be able to find some amazingly good deals on punches (and other craft supplies) on ebay. I hope you can find some good bargains. Happy hunting!

Martha Stewart Scalloped and Lace Border Punches

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A Variety of Martha Stewart Punches

My favorite Martha Stewart punches are the gorgeous lacy border punches shown above, but Martha Stewart does make an incredible variety of other punches too. Many of her punches are seasonal, so you can use them to make holiday greeting cards and seasonal holiday-themed scrapbooking layouts. She also has lots of different sophisticated floral and botanical punch designs. Her punches bring a whole new level of “chic” to paper crafts, considering that so many other manufacturer’s punches are “cutesie” rather than trendy.

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The Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch

Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch For Making Valentine’s Day Cards, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking Layouts, Etc.

This little punch is highly sought after, and people have been saying that it is hard to find. I have heard that Michael’s released it for Valentine’s Day. Apparently they underestimated the demand for this particular punch, and didn’t stock enough of them. Most crafters have been reporting that their local Michael’s store is sold out of the Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart punch. These gorgeous punches occasionally come up for auction on (usually at prices higher than their original retail, judging from what I have seen in the past.) So if you really really really want one of these little beauties, you may be able to snag one, but it’ll probably cost you a pretty penny. If you can find one for under $50 US, consider it a bargain!

Hopefully Martha will re-release the punch this Valentine’s day! Or at least, hopefully she will release a similar one. I am really hoping so!

The following list shows scalloped heart punches that are currently available for sale on ebay. There might or might not be any at all, and some of the ones that show up in this list might not be Martha Stewart’s, but if there are any, they will be listed below. If not, you will see some sort of error message, in which case, sorry, please check back.

Other Scalloped Heart Punches and Scalloped Heart Embellishments:

Scalloped Heart Punch by Fiskars: My Funny Valentine Squeeze Punches

Scalloped Heart Punch by Fiskars Called the My Funny Valentine Squeeze Punch Large and Extra Large LRG XL

The “My Funny Valentine” Squeeze punch by Fiskars is a lovely scalloped heart punch that can be used either for Valentines or for all year around. It’s a fantastic alternative to the Martha Stewart scalloped heart punch, considering that the design is really versatile and also beautiful.

Click here to see Fiskars heart punches that are currently available for sale at ebay

Marvy Uchida Scalloped Heart Punches

If you can’t find the Martha Stewart scalloped heart punch, you do have some other options. Marvy Uchida makes gorgeous scalloped heart punches that, in my opinion, are more versatile than the Martha Stewart ones.

Uchida Clever Lever Giga Punch Scallop Heart

Click here to see’s Marvy Uchida scalloped heart punch.

Other Martha Stewart Craft Supplies:

There are many other craft supplies besides just punches that are manufactured under the Martha Stewart brand name. I don’t plan on featuring most of the others on this site because they don’t really have a lot to do with paper lace. However, I thought I’d mention a few of them just for informational purposes.

Notably, Martha Stewart offers scrapbooking albums and papers in a variety of sizes. Her largest scrapbook albums are 18″ x 18″! That’s huge! That’s actually A little too big for my taste, especially considering that it kind of limits you to using Martha Stewart papers for at least part of all your layouts. I am not aware of any other manufacturer that is selling scrapbooking papers that big; in fact, Martha seems to actually be bucking the mini-album trend. I am sure that some of Martha’s fans must be giving the 18″ x 18″ album size a try. For those not so adventurous, there are also 12″ x 12″ albums, 11″ x 8 1/2″ albums, and accordian style albums measuring 6″ x 8″.

There are also Martha Stewart markers, pens, glitter, scissors, labels, tools, adhesives, organizers, ETC. I haven’t actually used any of them so I can’t comment on the quality, and I don’t see how (for example) Martha Stewart’s adhesive or markers could possibly be all that much better than the adhesives and markers I’ve already got on hand. So for now I am not particularly tempted to buy any of those and review them. The punches are a different story. It’s the Martha Stewart punches, in my opinion, that are really the “must have items” out of the entire product line. Her punches are definitely outstanding and stylish enough to make me want to buy a bunch of them.

Greeting Cards and Paper Craft Products Using Lacy Border Punches

I have posted lots of different greeting card and project ideas that incorporate handmade paper lace made with various border punches. So far none of my posted projects use Martha Stewart punches, but I do plan to post some project ideas for Martha Stewart punches in the future.

I already have a collection of Fiskars border punches that I use frequently. I have found the Fiskars border punches to be a very good investment; I use them constantly on all different kinds of projects, and have definitely got my money’s worth out of them. If you like lacy border punches, you’d probably also enjoy using Fiskars border punches too.

One especially versatile punch- in my opinion, even more versatile than these Martha Stewart punches- is the Fiskars Threading Water punch. That punch is just a simple scalloped edge with a dot- very chic and sophisticated. I also have more comprehensive pages on the web site dedicated to the Sunburst Punch and the Hearts Border Punch.

You can click here to see paper crafts project ideas that incorporate handmade paper lace made with Fiskars border punches.