Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and Cards by Sharyn Sowell

Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and Cards by Sharyn Sowell, hardcover with dust jacket, published by Sterling Publishing Company in 2005. 128 pages. Cover price is $19.95 in the USA / $25.95 in Canada. This book has some lovely projects. The main focus of this book is paper cuts; some of Sowell's paper cuttings are “lacy” and some of them are not. For those wanting to learn paper cutting techniques in order to design their own paper laces, this book will likely be inspiring. Quoting from the back cover of the book:
New Uses For a Traditional Technique Make your scrapbook pages, journals and greeting cards special by adding delicate cut paper elements. Sharyn Sowell provides patterns, from holiday motifs to nature-inspired designs, that showcase the beauty of this timeless craft. You’ll never run out of ideas for your own projects with this collection near your work space. The Book's Contents:
  • A Brief History of Paper Cutting
  • General Information
  • Classic Greeting Cards
  • Scrapbooks and Journals
  • Fabulous Frames
  • Beautiful Borders
  • Alphabets
  • Idea Gallery
  • The Patterns
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index
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Paper Cutting Techniques Hardcover Book by Sharyn Sowell Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and Cards by Sharyn Sowell
Lovely Lacy Chic and Shabby Style Cut Paper Project by Sharyn Sowell, as Shown in Her Hardcover Book, Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and Cards Be Mine Letter Sign, Tag and Cards: The Perfect Valentine's Day Project. Paper Cutting Design by Sharyn Sowell From her Paper Cutting Techniques Book.
Cut Paper Photo Frame For Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts, by Sharyn Sowell in Her Book Called Paper Cutting Techniques. Paper Cutting Pattern For This Climbing Roses Design Can Be Found in the Book Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and Cards By Sharyn Sowell.
Here are some of my thoughts on Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks & Cards:The Pros:
  • The patterns given in the book are delightful!
  • There is a wonderful variety of paper cutting patterns and designs to choose from.
  • You won’t need any fancy or expensive supplies to get started. You probably already own everything you’d need; scissors, paper, and glue are the only essentials. Access to a photocopy machine or a computer, scanner and printer will be helpful as well.
  • The book is clearly written.
  • The author’s tone is very encouraging.
  • The author is clearly knowledgeable, and talented.
  • The book itself is high quality; the hardcover binding is great, and the color photos are lovely.
  • The book includes a brief history of paper cutting, which I found interesting and informative.
  • In my opinion, the book is well worth the price.
The Cons:
  • Sowell’s book’s strong point lies in its patterns, not in its instructions; while the patterns to use in executing the paper cuts are given for each of the projects in the book, step by step instructions for the projects are not included. Detailed, specific materials lists for each scrapbooking layout and greeting card are not given. Some crafters may find it challenging to re-create the more complicated layouts shown in the book. While an advanced crafter could likely do it, a total beginner might have a hard time.
  • The designs are not shown at actual size. Crafters must re-size the design and then transfer or trace it onto paper.
  • Sowell’s designs are lovely, but they are all quite obviously done in her own unique style. If her style isn’t your style, the book won't be very useful to you.
  • While Sowell does encourage readers to design their own paper cuts, she does not give much practical advice on how to actually do so.
  • Readers may not use these designs for commercial purposes.

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