Traditional Paper Crafts: Parchment Craft, Stencil Embossing, Paper Pricking, Quilling


As far as I can tell, this book is a republication of a series of paper craft titles by Janet Wilson. These were originally bestsellers for Search Press, and were later combined into one book and re-released as The Search Press Book of Traditional Paper crafts: Parchment Craft, Stencil Embossing, Paper Pricking, Quilling. The book has been reprinted 3 times; my copy is the edition dated 2004. The book is 192 pages; it is a trade paperback with a cover price of $19.95 in the USA / £12.95 in the UK.

I have been looking for books about paper lace for quite awhile, and so far, this is the closest thing I’ve found to a technique book for making paper lace. This book does have instructions for making your own paper lace; it also includes instructions for many other paper crafts techniques such as embossing, quilling and parchment craft.

This is a lovely book! If you enjoy paper crafts with vintage style, this book is a good value for the money; you’ll learn quite a few different techniques. Wilson’s paper lace and paper pricking designs are based on techniques that were popular during the 1600’s- 1800’s. Many of the designs have a charming, antique flair. If you enjoy the sort of detailed, elaborate projects that were popular during the Victorian era, this book will absolutely delight you. However, if you are looking for a book with trendy contemporary projects, I do not think this book is the best choice for you.

The Pros:

  • This is a quality publication.
  • The projects are visually pleasing, and the book is illustrated with attractive color photos that show them well.
  • I found the instructions easy to understand.
  • There are many techniques included
  • There are many different projects for you to choose from.
  • I though that the book was a good value for the money.

The Cons:

  • Wilson’s techniques are tedious and time-consuming. She even lists “lots of patience” as one of the requirements in her tools and materials section! Her paper laces are hand cut using a craft knife, and hand sewn using thread and a sewing needle.
  • Wilson’s techniques also require that the reader photocopy / enlarge and trace her patterns in order to work from them.

Overall I would definitely recommend this book; I think it has much to offer the paper crafts enthusiast. However, if you are interested in learning how to make your own paper lace I recommend that you also bookmark my paper lace blog (or add it to your feed reader) and keep reading, because I am going to be sharing my techniques for making paper lace (which are very different from the techniques that Wilson shares in this book.) My approach is also a bit more contemporary, and my techniques are not so time consuming. I am hoping that readers will enjoy and appreciate both approaches.

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