Parchment Craft

I’m a total beginner at parchment craft, but I am really enjoying learning more about it. There are so many lovely and appealing qualities about the work. I’m definitely intrigued by the possibilities!

As of right now I only own one book on the topic of parchment craft, and that book also covers numerous other paper craft techniques, which is actually why I bought the book in the first place- I was looking for books about how to make paper lace. The name of the book is Search Press Book of Traditional Paper Crafts, and the author is Janet Wilson. You can click here to read more about that book.

I also recently found some other interesting books about parchment craft, but I haven’t actually purchased any of them. You can click here to read my blog post about those parchment craft books if you are interested.

I recently discovered the work of a UK-based artist, and I have really been admiring all of this seller’s parchment craft offerings. I am especially intrigued by the cards and bookmarks- they are truly exquisite! If this artist currently has work available for sale on ebay, it will appear in a list below. If not, you won’t see anything, but please check back soon.

If you know of any other parchment craft artists and artisans, please do post and share. I would be very interested in featuring more parchment craft enthusiasts on this site. Thanks so much!