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Privacy Policy
I promise not to ever spam you!

If you post a comment on any page or post on this site, wordpress will automatically prompt you to enter an email address. The email address WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED on the site (although your web site URL will be if you enter a URL. That’s optional.) Your comment including your email address will be emailed to me for moderation. I’m not sure if there’s any way to disable that, so if you want to comment but you don’t want me to have your email address, I don’t care if you enter a fake email address.

If you enter a comment that says something along the lines of “Please contact me”, I probably will contact you. Hope that wouldn’t shock you or anything- I’m responsive like that. 😀

There is a slight chance that in the future this web site may be sold or change hands. If so, anything you post as a comment on the web site will change hands with it.

My blog software collects IP addresses of site visitors. If I notice you trying to leave spam comments or otherwise trying to do anything malicious to my web site, I might report you to your ISP and / or other authorities and ban you from accessing all my web sites. Otherwise I don’t really take note of IPs or do anything in particular with the information the software is collecting. Note to spammers: Don’t bother spamming here. I value my visitors and would never intentionally waste their time by allowing you to spam them. Plus none of the ladies who read this blog have any use for your viagra, trust me on this one.

This site contains links to other sites. If you click those links, you will leave this site and magically be transported to the other site. (Funny how that works, hmmm?) When you do so, you will be subjected to the privacy policies of the other sites. Some of the sites use cookies (ebay and amazon, to name a couple of them, both use cookies. Others do as well.)

In the future, I may enable an opt-in email list. At this time I do not have one. Maybe someday when I get my act together, I will. In the meanwhile, please add this blog’s feed to your feed reader (“My Yahoo”, google reader, bloglines, etc) and consider this blog your paper lace “newsletter”.

In the future, I may start selling paper lace related stuff on this site. In that case, I will collect enough information about you to complete the sale, ship the item(s), and contact you regarding the status of your purchase(s).

These policies were posted on April 3, 2008. Hope you enjoyed reading them more than I enjoyed writing them.