New Paper Lace Products, Scrapbooking Kits, and More

Hello everyone! Just a quick update with some fun new things I’ve noticed while browsing around the scrapbooking stores. I just created a whole new page on the Paper lace web site dedicated to Art Warehouse’s brand new die cut papers. I think they almost resemble paper lace doilies, but they are definitely intended to be scrapbook paper. Check ’em out!

Also, has a brand new kit up for sale. There isn’t any actual paper lace in it that I could see, but there is at least one very pretty die cut scalloped paper that is to die for. Plus plenty of other goodies too. This kit is quite a bit more affordable than their last couple of kits have been, at only $30. I expect they will probably sell out fast, so if you are interested, please be sure to get there ASAP and stake your claim to one!

Speaking of, they have a HUGE amount of tempting stuff on sale right now, with plenty of bargain prices and deep discounts. Plus they have a whole lot of brand new stuff, too. One of the brand new products I am most excited about is the new glitter lace cardstock by KI Memories. I haven’t had a chance to update my Lace Cardstock page to include it yet, but I just put that on my to-do list. For now if you want to see the new glitter lace cardstock, you can just click through and take a look at it on the web site.

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Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch

I just found another [inline][script]
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[/inline] up for auction on ebay. If you want to snag this one, you better get there quick because the auction ends in a couple of hours. If you miss out, please be sure to check out my page about Martha Stewart Punches plus other alternatives to the scalloped heart punch.

Happy 4th of July, to all of you that celebrate it! Hope you are all having a dazzling day filled with sparklers, sunshine and fireworks.

Rare Hard To Find Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch

Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch For Making Valentine’s Day Cards, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking Layouts, Etc. A lot of people ask me where they can find the Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch. It’s pretty hard to find. These punches originally sold at Michael’s craft stores last Valentine’s Day, but Michael’s apparently underestimated the demand for them and didn’t stock enough of them. Now they are nowhere to be found. Well, there is one for sale on ebay right now. [inline][script]
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[/inline] Personally, I think you’d have to want it pretty badly to pay that much for it. But I have been watching the auctions for them for awhile (because I want to buy one too, I don’t have it yet!) and some of the auctions end at prices even higher than what this seller is asking. Crazy, I tell you!!

I should also mention that I have put together a page featuring lots more Martha Stewart punches, particularly her “lacy” border punches that could be used to make paper-lace-like edges and borders on your papers. The page also includes information about some alternatives to the infamous Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch. So, if you want to buy a scalloped heart punch, but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on it, please Click here to take a look at the page.

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Good Deals on Stamps, Scrapbooking Papers and Supplies

I have been noticing a LOT of good deals on supplies for scrapbooking, card making, paper crafting, and art. I cannot believe some of these deals. Thought I’d pass them along in case anyone else wants to take advantage too.

Basic Grey Patterned Scrapbooking Paper For Layouts, Greeting Card Making, Paper Crafts, and Altered Art.

For fans of Basic Grey paper, I just found this insanely good deal. You get 48 pieces of Basic Grey paper for only $19.99!! WOWZA. The normal price on this is $42.72- a huge savings, as you can see. If you do the math on that it works out to less than 42 cents per sheet of patterned paper. The only catch is that they only had 10 left at the time of this posting, so you better get there quick if you want to get in on this. I am not sure how much longer they will be offering this deal…probably not long.

Anna Griffin Rub On Transfers Family Theme Kit

Next we have an extremely discounted Anna Griffin Rubon Transfers Kit. This kit includes 752 family themed rub-on transfers (babies, weddings, children.)

The next item of interest: is having a huge sale on stamps. You get 20% off selected stamps between now and 6/21/08. So if you want some new stamps, you will probably want to take a look at their offerings. ESPECIALLY EXCITING: Prima stamps on sale! OOOoooohhhwow. I have been wanting some of these, especially the oh-so-lacy “Build A Frame” stamp sets by Iron Orchid Designs; if you have been wanting them too, now is a good time to grab them!

Whispers Cardstock Scrapbooking Patterned Paper Kit by Prima Marketing

Click here to see additional Prima Cardstock kits and patterned papers that are currently on sale for 30% off. I noticed that Angelique, Morning Song, Cavalier, and Urban Cosmos cardstock kits are all on sale for 30% off. A lot of the patterned papers are discounted too. These are great prices on stuff that is still really new. Gorgeous too!

A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe has some fantastic coupon codes right now for even more good deals. I couldn’t possibly list all of them because there are a LOT of them, but some highlights include 25% off on single sheets of Bazzill cardstock, 25% off adhesives, 50% off a Cricut Cartridge, OR free surprise paper. If any of these deals sound interesting to you, please click over to their site and read the terms and conditions that apply for each coupon. (As far as I know coupons cannot be combined and some of these deals require a minimum purchase.)

If you are a bargain hunter, it certainly seems like a good time to load up on supplies with all these great deals! Enjoy!

So Much New Paper Lace!

Lace Patterned Designer Die Cut Scrapbook Paper Called Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations

Paper lace is really trendy right now, and I am really enjoying the process of discovering all the new die-cut papers and lace-paper effects that have recently been released. I can’t wait to get all these new products posted on this web site! I am working on a brand new page on the web site dedicated to Holey Cardstock by Samantha Walker for Creative Imaginations. It looks similar to KI Memories’ Lace Cardstock, but the patterns are different enough that I would be inclined to buy papers from both lines.

I recently added a new page to the web site dedicated to the Threading Water Border Punch by Fiskars. If you’ve spent a small fortune buying die-cut scrapbooking papers (like I have!), then this border punch is a must-have item, because it will allow you to create a scalloped lacy punched edge on almost any paper. I am so excited about that because I have been frustrated about the lack of availability of 6″ x 6″ papers with die cut scalloped / lacy edges. (I still wish some manufacturers would make a pad of 6″x 6″ die cut papers…please??? I’d be happy even if it were only the lower edge that is die cut, like the new Sassafrass Lass papers only smaller…) But anyway, until I get my wish, the Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch looks like exactly what I need. I think I could use it somewhere in pretty much every paper crafts project I do, with the possible exception of my husband’s extreme sports layouts- since I have been strictly forbidden to put ribbon or paper lace on his rock climbing / mountain biking/ dirt biking photos, hee hee. At any rate, extreme sports layouts aside, the punch is a versatile design with a lot of different applications; it’s a tool that I know I would get a lot of use out of.

I am still working on getting the next chapter of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book ready to post online, and that should hopefully be up within the next few days (if all goes according to plan.) I hope you’ll check back soon to see the next installment.

Thanks for dropping by- I hope you are having a fabulously interesting and creative day!

Stamps For Making Your Own Paper Lace

Updated May 16, 2008: This post is a mess. Please accept my sincerest apologies; I am sooo sorry for the inconvenience. My ISP and ebay have both made a bunch of changes which have messed up the scripting on this web site. I have fixed a lot of the pages that got messed up, but I am having problems fixing the blog posts. Sorry! I am working on getting it fixed but it will take me a few days, or maybe longer, to get everything working again.

It also occurs to me that this topic- lace stamps- deserves more attention on this web site than just this lousy blog post anyway. I have found soooo many more interesting lace stamps that I plan to create an entire page on the web site devoted to them. So, if you have the patience to check back later, please do. I think it will be a good resource when it is finished. In the meanwhile, please take a look at the left hand side of your monitor to see if any of the other pages on the web site look interesting to you. You can also add this blog’s feed to your feed reader and check back in a few days for more updates. Thanks for your interest!

Post edited & updated 1-30-08 The ebay auctions for lace stamps that I originally posted about, have ended. I’m updating this post to add some links to random lace stamps that are available for sale on ebay right now. As of the time of this posting, there are quite a few Stampin’ Up lace stamps available (but thoses are ending soon too.) If I come across any more lace stamps that I think are particularly pretty I will update this post again and add them.

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These gorgeous lace patterned stamps caught my eye. One of them is a rubber stamp and the other is a set of clear border stamps. Both are lovely! They are offered for sale by the same seller.

(Sorry, these ended. Links removed.)