Scrapbooking Layout With Fleuriste / Cosmo Cricket & Narratives / Creative Imaginations

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers by Amy Solovay. Supplies are by Cosmo Cricket and Creative Imaginations.

Free Ideas For Scrapbooking With Die Cut Scalloped Papers. Scrapbook Page Layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies are by Cosmo Cricket and Creative Imaginations.

I’ve heard that some scrappers find it challenging to use multiple 4×6 photos on a page. Well, here’s a super-simple, quick and easy scrapbooking page layout idea for what to do with 4×6 photos plus papers that have lacy die cut edges. (Note: I did crop the photos slightly around the edges to focus in more on the flowers.)

Lately I’ve been scrapping some of my floral reference photos. I will be so excited to have them all scrapped and put in albums to enjoy! (It will take me awhile to get that project finished though, I have thousands of flower photos, and even if I only pick my favorites I don’t think I will ever get them all scrapped.) These are more photos from the arboretum in Arcadia, California.

Materials and Supplies Used in this Scrapbooking Layout:

The layout was fairly straightforward and was very easy to put together once I decided which elements to use. I love scrapping with 4×6 photos- while I do love using larger photos too, getting enlargements made can be an extra hassle and expense. I think I will probably repeat this idea again, because this layout was soooooo easy to put together. It only took a few minutes, and I love the way it turned out! Please feel free to scraplift this layout if this is an idea you can use too.

The Journaling:

There isn’t any. Why not? Well, there’s no rule that says you have to journal on every scrapbook page. Since I already have dozens of pages that explain the “who what where why” of these photos, I really didn’t feel any need to repeat it again on this particular page. One of my mottoes: the scrapbooking police will not arrest me for scrapping the way that I want to, and the way that best tells my story the way I want it told. Scrapbook layouts do NOT HAVE TO HAVE journaling. They don’t have to have titles, and they don’t have to even have photos if you don’t want them to. Do whatever works best for telling the story you want to tell, and don’t be a slave to what everyone else says you “should” do!

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Rare Hard To Find Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch

Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch For Making Valentine’s Day Cards, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking Layouts, Etc. A lot of people ask me where they can find the Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch. It’s pretty hard to find. These punches originally sold at Michael’s craft stores last Valentine’s Day, but Michael’s apparently underestimated the demand for them and didn’t stock enough of them. Now they are nowhere to be found. Well, there is one for sale on ebay right now. [inline][script]
function getCacheBuster() {
return Math.floor(Math.random()*999999999999)

[/inline] Personally, I think you’d have to want it pretty badly to pay that much for it. But I have been watching the auctions for them for awhile (because I want to buy one too, I don’t have it yet!) and some of the auctions end at prices even higher than what this seller is asking. Crazy, I tell you!!

I should also mention that I have put together a page featuring lots more Martha Stewart punches, particularly her “lacy” border punches that could be used to make paper-lace-like edges and borders on your papers. The page also includes information about some alternatives to the infamous Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch. So, if you want to buy a scalloped heart punch, but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on it, please Click here to take a look at the page.

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Scrapbooking Layout: Orchid Photos With Paper Lace and Primrose Patterned Paper From the Fleuriste Line by Cosmo Cricket

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

Here’s another sneak peek of a lovely paper lace that you will learn to make if you keep reading this web site for more installments of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book. This particular layout was a lot of fun to make, and it is very simple! I love scrapping with the “Fleuriste” line of patterned papers by Cosmo Cricket. They are a no-brainer to use; they are so versatile that you’d be hard-pressed to find photos that don’t work well with them. (As usual, excluding your husband’s hunting/fishing/ football layouts, that is.)

In this layout I created almost all my own embellishments (except for the brads, which are made by Accent Depot.) See the tiny paper flowers that are attached on either side of the paper lace border? I made those from Cosmo Cricket’s Hey Sugar Honey Honey paper. They were super easy to make; all I did was use Fiskars Mini Scallop Paper Edgers to cut around a few of the flower motifs from the patterned paper; then I attached a mini-brad in the center.

Here’s a photo of the “Hey Sugar Honey” Cosmo Cricket paper I used to create the flower embellishments:

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

And then here’s a photo of the embellishments before I attached them to the layout (you can click the photo to get an larger picture and take a closer look at them.)

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

So, you might be looking at that “embellishment” (for lack of a better word?) that is positioned under the lower left hand flower photo. It’s another one that I made. I made it out of one of my old business cards (I am into recycling!) that I hand painted. Then for another project I wanted to have multicolored punches so I punched out a bunch of small circles and squares. I thought that the punched-out painting looked cool all by itself, but I couldn’t think of a use for it right then. So back in my stash it went. Well, when I was scrapping these pics today looking through my stash I pulled it out and used it. Love doing stuff like that! I have found that if you make a bunch of embellishments from time to time, and you organize them well, you will never be at a loss for things to put on your layouts.

Materials and Supplies

Patterned Paper is
from the Fleuriste Collection by Cosmo Cricket.
The brads are by Accent Depot.

Additional Techniques Used:

Paper cutting, punching, collage, inking, painting

How To Make The Paper Lace

The techniques for making the paper lace shown on this layout will be covered in detail in my Paper Lace Idea Book. The introduction, chapter one, and part of chapter 2 are already online, so you can get started learning how to make paper lace. So far I have posted the basic information that you will need to get started. Detailed instructions for the paper lace border that you see in this layout have not been posted yet, but more instructions will be posted soon. I invite you to follow my blog for more updates about when the next chapters of the book will be posted.

About This Scrapbook Layout:

This layout features another group of 3 photos of orchids and flowers that I took at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California. I already posted another scrapbooking layout with orchid photos that were taken around this time period.

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Lacy Die Cut Scalloped Wedding Invitation With Sweet Pink Roses

100 Personalized Invitations / Announcements

This is such a romantic wedding invitation. I think it’s really distinctive, too; I love the unusual scalloped die cut upper edge, and the beautiful lacy effect. The roses on the front of the invitations are the perfect shade of shimmery, pearlescent, barely-there-pastel pink. Matching reception, respond and informal / thank you cards are available. Invitations will be personalized with the name of your choice printed at the top.

Click Here For More Information.


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Vintage Paper Lace Valentines.

I have an ebay watch list full of pretty paper lace Valentines. There are so many beautiful Valentines for sale right now! I wish I could just buy them all. That reminds me- Valentine’s day is coming up! 😀 Here are a few of the Valentines I am watching:

Creative Imaginations Paper Ribbon

Paper Lace Ribbons, Scrapbooking Supplies by Creative Imaginations.
I just dedicated an entire page of to this gorgeous Paper ribbon by Creative Imaginations. The quick rundown: These paper ribbons are actually self adhesive, die cut stickers. You can buy them at any of the following web sites:

Lace Cardstock

Have you seen the new lace cardstock by KI Memories? If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a pic:

This lace cardstock is actually laser cut, which means that the paper really does resemble lace! How cool is that?

I just added an entire page to that is dedicated to Lace Cardstock and where to buy it. (I wanted to make sure the information would be readily accessible even after this blog post gets buried under other posts.)

I am ordering some lace cardstock for my own art, scrapbooking, and paper crafting projects, so please bookmark this blog and check back for new lace cardstock project ideas shortly!

Inspiration For Framing Paper Lace, Plus Tatting Book Review

Inspiration comes from some of the most interesting places, doesn’t it? This morning I was browsing through some of my needlework books, and I came across a lovely photo of some framed paper lace valentines. I thought the picture was just absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful way to display paper lace and real tatted lace together! Just stunning. The photo I am describing can be found in the book called A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin. It is apparently out of print, but you can still find it for sale on the Internet. I love my copy of the book and that’s saying a lot considering that I don’t even know how to tat (yet. Learning how to tat is on my to-do list.) Anyway I originally purchased this book just because I thought it was such amazing eye candy ~ so many pretty lacy girly “shabby chic” type pretties in the book. Also, when I DO learn how to tat someday, this book has some great stuff in it ~ the patterns are so interesting and they include so many things that are a significant improvement over the usual pattern books for tatted lace doilies. Many of the tatting books that I’ve seen are BO-RING, but this one really is not.

If you look closely at the picture in this book, you can see that the hand tatting appears behind the paper lace valentines in the photo. The pattern for doing the tatting is given in the book. I am so enthralled by this idea! And this is only one of the clever ideas given in the book ~ there are quite a few of them ~ most of them not related to paper lace in any way, but if you like paper lace you’d no doubt enjoy looking through this book too. Especially because there are also photos of some amazing museum~quality tatted pieces which kind of boggle the mind when you look at them.

So, if you have some vintage paper lace valentines ~ and they are quite common, so if you are at all interested in collecting paper lace you should have no trouble finding some ~ and you’re looking for an innovative way to frame them ~ well, get your hands on a copy of this book! And then learn how to tat! :)