How To Make Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary, or Other Romantic Greeting Cards With Paper Lace

Handmade Heart Valentines Day Greeting Card With Vellum, Hand Stitching, Flourishes, Flowers and Paper Lace

Red White & Black “Be Mine” Valentine’s Day Greeting Card With Paper Lace

Be Mine, a 7 inch by 5 inch handmade Valentine's Day Greeting Card With Vellum, Hand Stitching, Flowers, Flourishes and Paper Lace

Red White & Black “Heart” Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Wedding, or Romantic Greeting Card

In my last blog post, I mentioned that some of my paper lace designs were published in this month’s issue of The Stamper’s Sampler Magazine. The 2 cards that were published would be perfect for use as Valentine’s Day greeting cards, but they could also be used for any occasion that requires a loving or romantic touch- anniversary, wedding, prom, or any other time you’d like to send a little love to someone special.

Due to space restrictions in the magazine, the Stamper’s Sampler editors decided to present their readers with a greatly abbreviated version of my project instructions. When I saw the revised instructions, I had a sinking feeling that most crafters would read the revised instructions, scratch their heads mumbling “huh?” to themselves, and promptly move onto the next project. Then it occurred to me that I have absolutely no space restrictions here on my paper lace web site, and that there isn’t anything stopping me from sharing the full project instructions for these Valentine’s Day Cards. So that is what I am going to do! I am posting the projects in chapter 6 of my idea book about how to make paper lace, complete with links to sources of supply for the products I used to create these cards. Hope you will find it helpful having the longer version of the project instructions available.

If you haven’t already started reading my paper lace idea book, I recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through. I am still in the process of posting some of chapters of the book, and I apologize that it is taking longer than expected. At any rate, if you are new to making paper lace, the paper laces shown in this blog post are not the ones I would recommend that you try as your first. I’d recommend that you try a few of the very basic paper laces before proceeding to make these. Of course, if you’re an advanced paper crafter, by all means jump right in.

Thanks so much for dropping by! I hope you are having a lovely and creative day.

Greeting Card With Paper Lace and Celebration II Papers by American Crafts

Free Card Making Project Idea From

I have been working on updating Chapter 2: Making Basic Paper Lace. I just added a brand new page with Free project ideas for this chapter. The page is still under construction, but at this point it is finished enough to be helpful. The project shown above, a greeting card with very basic paper lace plus a bit of hand stamping and inking is posted on that page. The complete supply list and instructions are posted. The page also shows a few photos of other projects that will be posted soon too. If you check back in a few days, hopefully there will be more progress to report.

I hope you will enjoy these free project ideas! Thanks so much for dropping by. I really appreciate your interest.

New Greeting Cards With Paper Lace and American Crafts Papers & Embellishments

(Among other things.)

Greeting Cards With Paper Lace, Spin Art by Amy Solovay, and Supplies and Embellishments by American Crafts

Sorry I haven’t updated much lately. We had been having a lot of power outages and rolling blackouts due to all the California wildfires, and it kept me off the computer much more than I would have liked. In my immediate neighborhood things are looking like they are getting more or less back to normal. For all you Californians who were affected by the fires, my heart goes out to you and you are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything else I can do to help those who were affected, please let me know. I am very thankful that we got off as easy as we did but I am concerned for those who did not.

So anyway, I think perhaps I was more productive when I was forced to stay off the computer for days at a time! Haha. Funny how that works, isn’t it? The photo above shows a few of the greeting cards I made recently. It actually doesn’t even begin to show everything I have either made or have in progress, so I have a LOT of updating to do! With all the smoke, ash, doom and gloom that has surrounded me lately I have been gravitating towards bright, happy, cheerful colors that make me want to smile.

I just posted instructions for how to make this card:

Greeting Card With Handmade Paper Lace, KI Memories Lace Cardstock, and a Flower Embellishment by American Crafts

plus the supply list with all the supplies you would need to make it. You can find this information on the Lace Cardstock project ideas page.

Please check back soon for more new paper lace projects plus more additions to chapter 2 of my free book about how to make paper lace. Thanks for dropping by!

Greeting Card With Paper Lace Borders Made From Cosmo Cricket Patterned Papers

A Handmade Greeting Card by Amy Solovay Made Using Patterned Papers From Cosmo Cricket's Hey Sugar Collection. This Card is One of the Featured Projects in My Free Paper Lace Idea Book.

Materials and Supplies:

Background Paper is [inline][script]
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[/inline] by Cosmo Cricket. The paper lace was made using [inline][script]
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[/inline] striped patterned paper, which is also by Cosmo Cricket. The round chipboard is from the Book it Biggest Board Chipboard Set by Fancy Pants. The stamp is from the Bella Flora stamp set by Inque Boutique.

About This Greeting Card:

This greeting card is going to be one of the featured craft projects from Chapter 2 of my Paper Lace Idea Book. I will be posting the instructions for it shortly. If you haven’t already had a chance to check out my paper lace idea book, you can start by reading the Introduction and Chapter 1 (Materials and Supplies For Making Paper Lace.) Part of Chapter 2: Making Basic Paper Lace is also online but I am still in the process of posting the rest of it. So please check back in a few days for the next installment, which will include instructions for making the paper lace you see on this greeting card, plus the card itself, plus other projects too. Thanks so much for dropping by!

Antique, Vintage and Collectible Lace Paper Ephemera

I collect amazing vintage and antique lace paper collectibles, in addition to other sorts of collectible paper and ephemera. The items in my collection range from Valentines to Holy Cards to completely unique items, with the majority being Valentines. I’m hoping to include pictures of my favorites on this website so that y’all can enjoy viewing these lovelies too!

Cute Vintage Valentine Kit & Valentines For Sale on Ebay

Updated: The vintage Valentine kit ebay auction ended on April 29, 2008. The final high bid price was $20.50 US dollars.

This seller is selling sold a number of interesting vintage Valentines, including a Valentine kit with paper lace that caught my eye. I don’t see vintage Valentine kits come up for sale very often, and they are quite popular. This one is adorable! (It’s similar to the Valentine kit I have posted here, but the graphics are different and a lot of the kit components are different too).

Motifica & Wild Saffron Paper Lace Greeting Card

Cardmaking Project: Sepia Card, Paper Lace, Fiskars Punches, Bella Flora Stamps by Inque Boutique, Basic Grey Papers

My apologies if you’ve been checking this site for updates and haven’t been finding anything new. YIKES! And, I’m sorry too if you’ve landed on one of my pages that is still “under construction”. It’s bugging me knowing that there are unfinished pages on the site, but I haven’t had a spare minute to update and fix them. I was recently contacted by one of the editors at the Stampington Magazines about submitting some new artwork for possible publication in an upcoming edition of one of their publications. While I am cautiously optimistic about that, it has meant that I’ve been busy working on things that I can’t post and show you yet. However I have lots of fun stuff planned for this site just as soon as I am finished putting together my package for Stampington. Chapter one of my paper lace idea book is ALMOST ready to be posted on this site, so please stay tuned! :)

The photo above shows one of the handmade greeting cards with paper lace that I made for the page about paper lace with Fiskars punches. It was made using the Fiskars Sunburst border punch, along with some Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels / Tags and Motifica papers by BasicGrey (Among other things.) I posted the card and the instructions awhile ago, but I forgot to mention it on the blog. So if you haven’t already seen it, please check it out. The supply list and instructions are here.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope your week is off to a great start! ‘Till next time…

New Project Idea! Green Paper Lace Greeting Card

Green Hand Stamped Greeting Card With Paper Lace

I’m working on a new page dedicated to paper lace made using the Fiskars Heart border punch. Here’s one of the new projects that will be included on the page when it is finished. The page is still under construction as of the time of this posting, but it should be finished shortly. I hope. These posts with instructions always seem to take more time than I expect they will. I have a stack of projects to post and I am getting impatient to show them all to you ASAP.

This project sort of ties into the last project that I posted. Both of these projects were created at the same time. I was in a “green” mood that day- can you tell? 😉 Sometimes one idea just flows into the next, and the next, and the next…LOVE it when that happens!

In other news, I am trying to figure out the best way to put together my design team call for this web site. I have sooo many exciting things planned and I cannot wait to share, but I want to make sure that the call is organized well (and that everything makes sense!) before I finalize it and post it.

Green Paper Lace “You Rock” Greeting Card

Green Handmade Greeting Card With Paper Lace

Supplies Used:

Cardmaking Supplies
Still Life of Green Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Supplies For a Greeting Card Project In Progress. Have you ever made a project that just didn’t turn out quite like you expected? Well, for me, this green hand-stamped greeting card with paper lace was definitely one of those projects. I have been debating about whether to post project instructions for how to make this card. When I originally made it I did so many extra steps and so much re-arranging that I think the project instructions would actually get to be a bit confusing. So instead of project instructions, I am thinking of writing an article about “creative process” and designing paper crafts projects- this project would certainly be a better example of that. At the very least, I will be sure to post a supply list in case you’d like to try your hand at making a similar card. Thanks for your interest and please check back to see the article.

New Project Idea Using KI Memories Pinata Pink Lace Cardstock

Scalloped Lace Cardstock Greeting Card

Happy Valentine’s day to you! I hope you are having a fun and enjoyable day.

I’ve just posted a brand new project idea for you, and I really hope you’ll like it. This is an all-occasion greeting card made using Lace Cardstock by KI Memories. You could use this card as a Valentine, but it could also be sent and enjoyed all year around. The sentiment is “Hugs Hugs Hugs”- which you could send to pretty much anyone, whether it be your sweetheart, your mom, your sister, or your best friend. Also you can easily change the sentiment. See my project instructions for more details!

Please click here to view project instructions for this scalloped greeting card with pink lace cardstock.

Thanks for your interest. Enjoy! :)

New Paper Lace Greeting Card Project Idea Posted!

Handmade Paper Lace Greeting Card With Fiskars Punch

I love cardmaking! I am so thrilled with how this handmade greeting card turned out. It has lots of lovely paper lace, plus pretty flowers, plus papers by Basic Grey ~ right there, that’s 3 of my very favorite things. I posted a detailed list of supplies you’d need to make this card, plus instructions too. Please click here to view the project instructions for this greeting card with paper lace. :) Enjoy!

Sneak Peeks: Free Paper Lace Crafts Project Ideas

Greeting Card With Handmade Paper Lace From Fiskars Punches

No, these aren’t CHA sneak peeks, sorry. Haha, I am almost glad they aren’t. I could spend a lot of time elaborating about how frustrated I get seeing “sneek peaks” for things that I won’t be able to buy for weeks / months…but that’s not really the point of this blog post. These are actually sneek peaks for project ideas I have been working on, all of which incorporate paper lace that you can make using Fiskars punches. I am calling these “sneek peaks” because I haven’t quite finished writing up all the supplies lists and instructions, but I should have some them finished and posted for you later today. Hopefully all of them will be up within the next few days (if things go according to plan.)Updated to add: the instructions are posted now! :) It took longer than expected, but these are all there and there are a few more too.

Pink Perhaps Sari Paper Lace Greeting Card with paper lace made using Fiskars punches.I think you’ll be happy to know that these are actually “Use up your stash” type projects using supplies that aren’t brand new. Well, except for the Bella Flora Mini Stamp Set by Inque Boutique, which are new enough that you might not have them yet. I had a hard time finding them- every store I could find that even carries them was “out of stock”. I am really excited to finally have mine! SO WELL WORTH the $4 or so to get this mini stamp set! Seriously! I am LOVING THIS SET! It is incredibly versatile, and just perfect to use with all my gorgeous patterned papers from Basic Grey, Making Memories, and Autumn Leaves.

Pink Gypsy Paper Lace Greeting Card With Paper Lace Made Using Fiskars Punches.

Well, I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks! :) Thanks for taking a look.

Lacy Scalloped Heart Papers by Reminisce

Lacy Heart Shaped Scalloped Paper By ReminisceHave you seen the new “Flirt” line of scrapbooking papers and embellishments by Reminisce? If not, well, that’s the Flirt line you see pictured above. If you ask me, the highlights of the line are the 2 scalloped die cut papers. One of them is a red heart shimmer paper with a lacy scalloped glitter edge. How pretty is that?! Can’t you just think of all kinds of creative things to do with it? Of course, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I am sure you can think of a million ways to use this pretty paper ~ Valentine’s day scrapbook pages and Valentine’s day projects immediately come to mind, but you could use them for any romantic theme- anniversary, wedding, “I love you”, prom, etc. I just LOVE this paper!

Pink Lacy Scalloped Heart Paper by Reminisce From the Flirt Line The pink scalloped paper is even more versatile. You could definitely use it for Valentine’s Day- just look at all those cute funky hearts along the decorative lacy scalloped edge. BUT I don’t think you really need to limit this paper to just using for Valentine’s Day, because it would be great for spring and summery scrapbook pages & layouts, or for any project that requires a pretty pink paper.

Click Here To Find This Fabulous Collection For Sale at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Print Out Your Own Digital Paper Lace & Valentines With Digi Kits by Rhonna Farrer

Ornate Vintage Valentines Digital Kit by Rhonna Farrer.

Rhonna Farrer is truly an inspiration. She has one – of – a – kind style, and her designs for scrapbooking supplies are some of my all-time favorites. She is known for fancy, intricate, feminine designs which often include flourishes, lacy effects, scalloped edges and pretty “girly” touches. Rhonna is also a pioneer in the area of design for digital scrapbooking.

Intricate Lacy and Floral borders digital kit by Rhonna Farrer.One thing that I am really excited about is her new digital designs for Valentines! These are so versatile. You can use them for making your own Valentine’s Day greeting cards, or for use in your scrapbooking layouts or altered art. Shown at left is Rhonna’s digital Valentine gift packaging kit, which you can use for a variety of purposes including but not limited to creating custom giftwrap for your presents. The other photos in this blog post show some of her brand new designs plus some of her classic favorites. She also has digital brush kits, tool kits, and other digi goodies available, so if you are a digi whiz there are plenty of options.

The best part: a LOT of these digital scrapbooking kits are on sale right now! Rhonna Farrer’s digi scrapbooking kits, brush kits, and tool sets (plus lots of her papers, transparencies, brads, and other scrapbooking supplies) are available for sale at twopeasinabucket.

Fancy digital lace border effects to print on your own printer paper. Scrapbooking digikit by Rhonna Farrer.

Fancy scalloped lacy paper scrapbooking digikit by Rhonna Farrer.

Fancy flourishes digital kit by Rhonna Farrer.

Intricate Lacy and Floral borders digital kit by Rhonna Farrer.

Click Here To See More Digital Paper Lace.

Victorian Valentine Scraps & Paper Lace

Edited to add: the Victorian scrap and paper lace ebay auctions I originally posted about have long since ended. However, it seems this seller offers lots of interesting paper collectibles for sale. If there are currently any similar items the seller has up for sale, they will appear in a list below. Otherwise you'll see a message about no items matching your keywords.
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