Paper Lace by Martha Stewart; Vintage Style Dresden Paper Lace; Valentine Kits and More.

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NOTE: Please Click Here if you found this post while searching for Martha Stewart items. I just made a brand new page for Martha. :) Please click here if you found this post while looking for Victorian style dresden trims and scraps; I just made a brand new page for those too. The rest of this actual blog post is now outdated, because it contains links to ebay items that have ended. You can click the ended auction links if you want to, but there isn’t much point in doing that. Also my newer blog posts have a lot of interesting paper crafts projects, so I hope you’ll take a look at the paper lace home page. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your interest.

Next I’d like to point out another seller with an interesting variety of paper laces for sale. I LOVE ALL of this seller’s items! The first item I’d like to point out to you is a Valentine’s Day paper craft kit including lots of Dresden trims, paper lace, and embossed Victorian style scrap. You have got to see it! There is a huge amount of stuff in that lot and it is priced accordingly, but if you just want one or 2 things from the lot, the seller seems to have separate store listings with more paper laces and Victorian scraps listed separately. That seller’s ebay store is definitely worth a visit.

Next we have a seller who has some Valentine’s kits using Stampin’ Up cardstock and supplies. No paper lace is included in this kit, but this would definitely be a good kit for using with paper lace doilies or other handmade paper laces. This looks like a good all around foundation for crafting your own layered or heart shaped Valentine greeting cards. Includes envelopes, die cut hearts, heart shaped eyelets, ribbon and more.

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Here’s someone selling a “Martha Stewart by Mail” Valentine Kit. This kit includes lots of lovely paper lace, even though it does look as if the kit has been opened.

Here are a couple of auctions for vintage Valentine kits. The first auction has 2 unopened packages including everything, even envelopes. The second kit includes directions for coloring and assembling 6 lace valentines, plus stickers, and the unused paper laces too. It’s a really cute kit!

Here is a an adorable vintage Valentine kit for sale, in its original box, with unused Valentines, paper lace and stickers.

Sorry, these ebay auctions have ended. If you missed out, please add this site to your blog feed reader and check back again soon, because I’ll be posting all the fun things like this I find in the future. Thanks for your interest.

Red Heart & White Round Paper Lace Doilies For Valentine’s Day

Paper Doilies

I LOVE these sweet red and white paper lace doilies. There are lots of different uses for them; you can use them in your paper crafts projects, scrapbooking layouts, altered art, handmade greeting cards, and homemade Valentines. OR you can use them to decorate for parties, or to dress up a holiday table, or to add a touch of romance to your wedding reception.

These paper lace doilies are for sale. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches to 8 inches, and both 36-count and 100-count packages are available They are very affordable to start with, but bulk pricing is available, so you can save money if you want to buy a bunch of them. Click the photo above for more information, or to buy now.

Click Here To Visit the Paper Lace Doilies Page To Find More Doilies For Sale, Plus Ideas For What To Do With Doilies.

Paper Lace / Cut Paper Book Review

Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and CardsI’ll be working on adding a bunch of book reviews to I just completed a review of Sharyn Sowell’s Book, Paper Cutting Techniques For Scrapbooks and Cards. It’s a fantastic book! If you’re interested in paper cutting, scrapbooking, paper lace, creating handmade greeting cards, or paper crafting in general, you’re likely to enjoy this book.

Vintage Paper Lace Valentines.

I have an ebay watch list full of pretty paper lace Valentines. There are so many beautiful Valentines for sale right now! I wish I could just buy them all. That reminds me- Valentine’s day is coming up! 😀 Here are a few of the Valentines I am watching:

Inspiration For Framing Paper Lace, Plus Tatting Book Review

Inspiration comes from some of the most interesting places, doesn’t it? This morning I was browsing through some of my needlework books, and I came across a lovely photo of some framed paper lace valentines. I thought the picture was just absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful way to display paper lace and real tatted lace together! Just stunning. The photo I am describing can be found in the book called A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin. It is apparently out of print, but you can still find it for sale on the Internet. I love my copy of the book and that’s saying a lot considering that I don’t even know how to tat (yet. Learning how to tat is on my to-do list.) Anyway I originally purchased this book just because I thought it was such amazing eye candy ~ so many pretty lacy girly “shabby chic” type pretties in the book. Also, when I DO learn how to tat someday, this book has some great stuff in it ~ the patterns are so interesting and they include so many things that are a significant improvement over the usual pattern books for tatted lace doilies. Many of the tatting books that I’ve seen are BO-RING, but this one really is not.

If you look closely at the picture in this book, you can see that the hand tatting appears behind the paper lace valentines in the photo. The pattern for doing the tatting is given in the book. I am so enthralled by this idea! And this is only one of the clever ideas given in the book ~ there are quite a few of them ~ most of them not related to paper lace in any way, but if you like paper lace you’d no doubt enjoy looking through this book too. Especially because there are also photos of some amazing museum~quality tatted pieces which kind of boggle the mind when you look at them.

So, if you have some vintage paper lace valentines ~ and they are quite common, so if you are at all interested in collecting paper lace you should have no trouble finding some ~ and you’re looking for an innovative way to frame them ~ well, get your hands on a copy of this book! And then learn how to tat! :)

An Unusual Greeting Card With Paper Lace

I’ve never seen a greeting card quite like this one! Well, truthfully the card itself is not that unusual; floral designs paired with nouveau swirls are quite common, as is the embossing you see on this card. I do love the colorful pansies seen around the edges of this card. Common or not, they are delightful! However, it’s the finishing touches that make this card unique. The attached paper lace has unusual motifs including swans, cattails and bells. Underneath that, is a colorful, cute family of dogs including a mama dog and her puppies. The die cuts applied on top of the paper lace are cherubs and winged hearts.

Greeting Card With Paper Lace and Victorian Die Cuts

Inside the card is a poem called “Love’s Golden Chain”. There is a photo of it below, but I will quote it here for you, in case you have a hard time reading the fancy script on your monitor.

As brightly as the flowers in spring,
Bud into blossoms fair
My heart was gay, till that wee thing
Love’s arrow lighted there.
And keen the blow, and fierce the smart
I’ve suffered since from that small dart.
My peace with wild emotions torn,
From morn to eve, from eve till morn.
And would you, fair one, care to know,
The reason why I languish?
‘Tis you who’ve cost me all this woe,
This heart-ache and this anguish.

Greeting Card Interior Poem

Fascinating, isn’t it? I’m not sure exactly how I would feel to be on the receiving end of such a sentiment! Apparently, no one actually ever was on the receiving end of this card; at any rate it has no writing inside to indicate having been given or sent.

Here’s one last picture for you to enjoy. This shows the embossed inside front of the card- so pretty!

Embossing on Greeting Card

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