Green Paper Lace “You Rock” Greeting Card

Green Handmade Greeting Card With Paper Lace

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Cardmaking Supplies
Still Life of Green Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Supplies For a Greeting Card Project In Progress. Have you ever made a project that just didn’t turn out quite like you expected? Well, for me, this green hand-stamped greeting card with paper lace was definitely one of those projects. I have been debating about whether to post project instructions for how to make this card. When I originally made it I did so many extra steps and so much re-arranging that I think the project instructions would actually get to be a bit confusing. So instead of project instructions, I am thinking of writing an article about “creative process” and designing paper crafts projects- this project would certainly be a better example of that. At the very least, I will be sure to post a supply list in case you’d like to try your hand at making a similar card. Thanks for your interest and please check back to see the article.

New Paper Lace Greeting Card Project Idea Posted!

Handmade Paper Lace Greeting Card With Fiskars Punch

I love cardmaking! I am so thrilled with how this handmade greeting card turned out. It has lots of lovely paper lace, plus pretty flowers, plus papers by Basic Grey ~ right there, that’s 3 of my very favorite things. I posted a detailed list of supplies you’d need to make this card, plus instructions too. Please click here to view the project instructions for this greeting card with paper lace. :) Enjoy!

Sneak Peeks: Free Paper Lace Crafts Project Ideas

Greeting Card With Handmade Paper Lace From Fiskars Punches

No, these aren’t CHA sneak peeks, sorry. Haha, I am almost glad they aren’t. I could spend a lot of time elaborating about how frustrated I get seeing “sneek peaks” for things that I won’t be able to buy for weeks / months…but that’s not really the point of this blog post. These are actually sneek peaks for project ideas I have been working on, all of which incorporate paper lace that you can make using Fiskars punches. I am calling these “sneek peaks” because I haven’t quite finished writing up all the supplies lists and instructions, but I should have some them finished and posted for you later today. Hopefully all of them will be up within the next few days (if things go according to plan.)Updated to add: the instructions are posted now! :) It took longer than expected, but these are all there and there are a few more too.

Pink Perhaps Sari Paper Lace Greeting Card with paper lace made using Fiskars punches.I think you’ll be happy to know that these are actually “Use up your stash” type projects using supplies that aren’t brand new. Well, except for the Bella Flora Mini Stamp Set by Inque Boutique, which are new enough that you might not have them yet. I had a hard time finding them- every store I could find that even carries them was “out of stock”. I am really excited to finally have mine! SO WELL WORTH the $4 or so to get this mini stamp set! Seriously! I am LOVING THIS SET! It is incredibly versatile, and just perfect to use with all my gorgeous patterned papers from Basic Grey, Making Memories, and Autumn Leaves.

Pink Gypsy Paper Lace Greeting Card With Paper Lace Made Using Fiskars Punches.

Well, I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks! :) Thanks for taking a look.

Stamps For Making Your Own Paper Lace

Updated May 16, 2008: This post is a mess. Please accept my sincerest apologies; I am sooo sorry for the inconvenience. My ISP and ebay have both made a bunch of changes which have messed up the scripting on this web site. I have fixed a lot of the pages that got messed up, but I am having problems fixing the blog posts. Sorry! I am working on getting it fixed but it will take me a few days, or maybe longer, to get everything working again.

It also occurs to me that this topic- lace stamps- deserves more attention on this web site than just this lousy blog post anyway. I have found soooo many more interesting lace stamps that I plan to create an entire page on the web site devoted to them. So, if you have the patience to check back later, please do. I think it will be a good resource when it is finished. In the meanwhile, please take a look at the left hand side of your monitor to see if any of the other pages on the web site look interesting to you. You can also add this blog’s feed to your feed reader and check back in a few days for more updates. Thanks for your interest!

Post edited & updated 1-30-08 The ebay auctions for lace stamps that I originally posted about, have ended. I’m updating this post to add some links to random lace stamps that are available for sale on ebay right now. As of the time of this posting, there are quite a few Stampin’ Up lace stamps available (but thoses are ending soon too.) If I come across any more lace stamps that I think are particularly pretty I will update this post again and add them.

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These gorgeous lace patterned stamps caught my eye. One of them is a rubber stamp and the other is a set of clear border stamps. Both are lovely! They are offered for sale by the same seller.

(Sorry, these ended. Links removed.)