Embellish Your Scrapbooking With Hearts and Paper Lace

Beaded Heart Scrapbooking Embellishment

Do you like using special handmade embellishments on your scrapbook layouts? If so, here’s a fantastic idea: crochet a beaded heart shape to use as a mini photo frame. You can use this design to make embellishments for Valentine’s Day or everyday layouts. Click here to get the free pattern for crocheting the beaded heart shape.

Valentine's Day or Love Theme Scrapbooking Layout Idea With Hearts, Paper Lace, and Flowers -- Supplies by Clear Scraps and My Minds Eye

Supply List

  • Layout Base: One Clear Scraps acrylic sheet.
  • Papers and Embellishments: My Mind’s Eye “Be Loved” collection; daisies and acrylic gems by Accent Scrapbooking; Clear Scraps acrylic slide.

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Scalloped Heart Design

More Heart Ideas and Heart Designs

New Paper Lace Products, Scrapbooking Kits, and More

Hello everyone! Just a quick update with some fun new things I’ve noticed while browsing around the scrapbooking stores. I just created a whole new page on the Paper lace web site dedicated to Art Warehouse’s brand new die cut papers. I think they almost resemble paper lace doilies, but they are definitely intended to be scrapbook paper. Check ’em out!

Also, twopeasinabucket.com has a brand new kit up for sale. There isn’t any actual paper lace in it that I could see, but there is at least one very pretty die cut scalloped paper that is to die for. Plus plenty of other goodies too. This kit is quite a bit more affordable than their last couple of kits have been, at only $30. I expect they will probably sell out fast, so if you are interested, please be sure to get there ASAP and stake your claim to one!

Speaking of twopeasinabucket.com, they have a HUGE amount of tempting stuff on sale right now, with plenty of bargain prices and deep discounts. Plus they have a whole lot of brand new stuff, too. One of the brand new products I am most excited about is the new glitter lace cardstock by KI Memories. I haven’t had a chance to update my Lace Cardstock page to include it yet, but I just put that on my to-do list. For now if you want to see the new glitter lace cardstock, you can just click through and take a look at it on the twopeasinabucket.com web site.

Thanks so much for dropping by! Hope you are having a great week.

Twopeasinabucket.com’s Brand NEW Scrapbooking Kit With Paper Lace, Classes and More

Update 9/4/08:

Sorry, this kit is now SOLD OUT. But you can click here to buy the brand new September kit if you are interested.

Twopeasinabucket.com’s Brand NEW Scrapbooking Kit With Paper Lace, Digital supplies, embellishments and more.

Check out the new scrapbooking kit from twopeasinabucket.com! This kit has so many amazing things that I don’t even begin to know where to start describing it. For one thing- it has paper lace! So pretty. There’s a whole bunch of other great stuff too though. Plus, for those of you who need help figuring out what to do with all these fabulous products, you also get classes and project instructions by Kelli Crowe and Cherie Mask.

Click here to view (or buy) the twopeasinabucket.com August Scrapbooking kit. The link will take you to a listing of the supplies in the kit and a more detailed explanation of what you get if you buy it.

Click here to see a video where Kelli Crowe discusses the kit and shows you some of the project classes that are included in the kit.

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long. I’ve been creating like mad, so hopefully soon I can get some new paper lace projects and inspiration uploaded for you guys to enjoy. Thanks for dropping by! Till next time…

Scrapbooking Layout With Fleuriste / Cosmo Cricket & Narratives / Creative Imaginations

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers by Amy Solovay. Supplies are by Cosmo Cricket and Creative Imaginations.

Free Ideas For Scrapbooking With Die Cut Scalloped Papers. Scrapbook Page Layout by Amy Solovay. Supplies are by Cosmo Cricket and Creative Imaginations.

I’ve heard that some scrappers find it challenging to use multiple 4×6 photos on a page. Well, here’s a super-simple, quick and easy scrapbooking page layout idea for what to do with 4×6 photos plus papers that have lacy die cut edges. (Note: I did crop the photos slightly around the edges to focus in more on the flowers.)

Lately I’ve been scrapping some of my floral reference photos. I will be so excited to have them all scrapped and put in albums to enjoy! (It will take me awhile to get that project finished though, I have thousands of flower photos, and even if I only pick my favorites I don’t think I will ever get them all scrapped.) These are more photos from the arboretum in Arcadia, California.

Materials and Supplies Used in this Scrapbooking Layout:

The layout was fairly straightforward and was very easy to put together once I decided which elements to use. I love scrapping with 4×6 photos- while I do love using larger photos too, getting enlargements made can be an extra hassle and expense. I think I will probably repeat this idea again, because this layout was soooooo easy to put together. It only took a few minutes, and I love the way it turned out! Please feel free to scraplift this layout if this is an idea you can use too.

The Journaling:

There isn’t any. Why not? Well, there’s no rule that says you have to journal on every scrapbook page. Since I already have dozens of pages that explain the “who what where why” of these photos, I really didn’t feel any need to repeat it again on this particular page. One of my mottoes: the scrapbooking police will not arrest me for scrapping the way that I want to, and the way that best tells my story the way I want it told. Scrapbook layouts do NOT HAVE TO HAVE journaling. They don’t have to have titles, and they don’t have to even have photos if you don’t want them to. Do whatever works best for telling the story you want to tell, and don’t be a slave to what everyone else says you “should” do!

You are invited to explore the other pages on this web site for lots more free scrapbooking and card making ideas. Thanks for dropping by!

Rare Hard To Find Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch

Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch For Making Valentine’s Day Cards, Paper Crafts, Scrapbooking Layouts, Etc. A lot of people ask me where they can find the Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch. It’s pretty hard to find. These punches originally sold at Michael’s craft stores last Valentine’s Day, but Michael’s apparently underestimated the demand for them and didn’t stock enough of them. Now they are nowhere to be found. Well, there is one for sale on ebay right now. [inline][script]
function getCacheBuster() {
return Math.floor(Math.random()*999999999999)

[/inline] Personally, I think you’d have to want it pretty badly to pay that much for it. But I have been watching the auctions for them for awhile (because I want to buy one too, I don’t have it yet!) and some of the auctions end at prices even higher than what this seller is asking. Crazy, I tell you!!

I should also mention that I have put together a page featuring lots more Martha Stewart punches, particularly her “lacy” border punches that could be used to make paper-lace-like edges and borders on your papers. The page also includes information about some alternatives to the infamous Martha Stewart Scalloped Heart Punch. So, if you want to buy a scalloped heart punch, but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on it, please Click here to take a look at the page.

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Sale on KI Memories Lace Cardstock!

Posies Paper Lace Cardstock in the Pinata Pink Color. Brand New For 2008 By KI Memories.
New 2008 Lace Cardstock in the Red Hot Posies Color, by KI Memories

Teal Journal Lace Cardstock by KI Memories 2008
Stars Sublime Green Lace Cardstock by KI Memories 2008

A Heads Up to all you paper-lace-loving ladies out there- Twopeasinabucket.com is having a sale on selected styles of Lace Cardstock by KI Memories. The photos above show a few of the styles and colors on sale as of this posting, but there are lots more that aren’t shown. I took advantage of the sale and ordered some lace cardstock. Can’t wait to get it! If you’ve been wanting this paper but haven’t jumped on it yet, now’s a pretty good time. :) I have no idea how much longer they will have stock on these lace cardstock papers or how much longer the sale will be in progress, so I hope you are able to get in on it while the deal is available.

Scrapbooking Layout With Paper Lace and Cosmo Cricket: Flowers at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California

Flower Theme Scrapbooking Layout by Amy Solovay. Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket. Features Handmade Paper Lace and a Hand Stamped Journaling Block.

Materials and Supplies:

  • The patterned paper used for the background is “Flora Bella”, from the Fleuriste Collection by Cosmo Cricket.
  • The green patterned paper used to make the paper lace accents is the “Garland Green” design from the Snow Globe collection by Reminisce. Never mind that that’s supposed to be a winter-themed line of papers. When I am creating, I feel completely free to ignore how supplies “should” be used. There is no rule that says you must use papers in exactly the way that the designer or manufacturer intended.
  • The other papers used to make the paper lace are Strathmore Bristol Board that I hand painted using Jacquard fiber reactive dyes. Yes, you read that correctly: dyes. As in, fabric dyes that were left over after a session of dyeing fabrics for one of my surface design classes. Paper and cotton fabric have some similar properties, and hand-dyed paper is every bit as gorgeous as hand-dyed fabric!
  • Narrow ribbon (1/8″ / 3mm.)
  • Cardstock
  • Colored Pencil (for journaling): Prismacolor
  • Decorating Chalks: Craf-T products
  • Dye Ink: Rubber Stampede

About the Journaling Block:

The journaling block is a block print of my own design.

Block printing and rubber stamping are very similar processes; the biggest difference is that, with block printing, you are easily able to design your own stamping block from scratch. Then you carve your design out of an appropriate material such as linoleum, wood, etc.

Some people carve their designs using unusual surfaces like erasers, potatoes or styrofoam plates (Sherril Kahn teaches about using stamps cut from styrofoam plates in her book called Creating With Paint: New Ways, New Materials a book that I highly recommend.)

My personal preference is to use Staedtler Mastercarve Artist’s Carving Blocks, which are much easier to cut than wood or linoleum. That is one very good reason to use them; they cut so easily. Also, they do not crumble up like some other brands that I have tried (although they are still a bit fragile and should be used and stored carefully.)

Here is a picture of what these Artist’s Carving Blocks look like when they are brand new and uncut:

Staedtler Mastercarve Artist Carving Blocks

And then here is a picture of what mine looks like after having been cut. I am warning you, it isn’t pretty, because these aren’t easy to get totally clean after you have inked them. Seems like no matter how much you wash them there is going to be some faint staining. But despite that they work well and stamp cleanly.

The block is carved using a Speedball Linoleum Cutter.. It looks like this:

Speedball Linoleum Cutters

About the Paper Lace Used to Embellish This Scrapbooking Layout:

The paper lace is handmade using techniques that I will be writing about in upcoming chapters of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book for scrapbooking, card making and paper crafts. I haven’t yet posted the instructions for how to make the paper lace designs that you see on this layout. However, I will be adding the instructions shortly, so please check back soon!

Thanks very much for taking a peek. Hope you are having a fabulously interesting and creative day!

Scrapbooking Layout: Orchid Photos With Paper Lace and Primrose Patterned Paper From the Fleuriste Line by Cosmo Cricket

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

Here’s another sneak peek of a lovely paper lace that you will learn to make if you keep reading this web site for more installments of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book. This particular layout was a lot of fun to make, and it is very simple! I love scrapping with the “Fleuriste” line of patterned papers by Cosmo Cricket. They are a no-brainer to use; they are so versatile that you’d be hard-pressed to find photos that don’t work well with them. (As usual, excluding your husband’s hunting/fishing/ football layouts, that is.)

In this layout I created almost all my own embellishments (except for the brads, which are made by Accent Depot.) See the tiny paper flowers that are attached on either side of the paper lace border? I made those from Cosmo Cricket’s Hey Sugar Honey Honey paper. They were super easy to make; all I did was use Fiskars Mini Scallop Paper Edgers to cut around a few of the flower motifs from the patterned paper; then I attached a mini-brad in the center.

Here’s a photo of the “Hey Sugar Honey” Cosmo Cricket paper I used to create the flower embellishments:

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

And then here’s a photo of the embellishments before I attached them to the layout (you can click the photo to get an larger picture and take a closer look at them.)

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Features Patterned Paper by Cosmo Cricket plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

So, you might be looking at that “embellishment” (for lack of a better word?) that is positioned under the lower left hand flower photo. It’s another one that I made. I made it out of one of my old business cards (I am into recycling!) that I hand painted. Then for another project I wanted to have multicolored punches so I punched out a bunch of small circles and squares. I thought that the punched-out painting looked cool all by itself, but I couldn’t think of a use for it right then. So back in my stash it went. Well, when I was scrapping these pics today looking through my stash I pulled it out and used it. Love doing stuff like that! I have found that if you make a bunch of embellishments from time to time, and you organize them well, you will never be at a loss for things to put on your layouts.

Materials and Supplies

Patterned Paper is
from the Fleuriste Collection by Cosmo Cricket.
The brads are by Accent Depot.

Additional Techniques Used:

Paper cutting, punching, collage, inking, painting

How To Make The Paper Lace

The techniques for making the paper lace shown on this layout will be covered in detail in my Paper Lace Idea Book. The introduction, chapter one, and part of chapter 2 are already online, so you can get started learning how to make paper lace. So far I have posted the basic information that you will need to get started. Detailed instructions for the paper lace border that you see in this layout have not been posted yet, but more instructions will be posted soon. I invite you to follow my blog for more updates about when the next chapters of the book will be posted.

About This Scrapbook Layout:

This layout features another group of 3 photos of orchids and flowers that I took at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California. I already posted another scrapbooking layout with orchid photos that were taken around this time period.

Thanks so much for dropping by! I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work.

Scrapbooking Layout With Paper Lace: Peacocks at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California

Here’s another scrapbooking layout I created using paper lace. The photos show a gorgeous peacock that I encountered at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California. Peacocks roam free throughout the Arboretum, and seeing them is sheer delight! They are so beautiful!

Materials and Supplies

The background patterned paper is
“Get Happy: Pop” by Cosmo Cricket.
The round epoxy sticker at the top of the layout is from the Narratives Honeydew Collection by Creative Imaginations/ Karen Russell. The other papers are hand-painted and hand stamped by me. The stamp is a one of a kind Indian Woodblock / batik block that I got on ebay. I actually have several of them. Here is a photo of them.

These are so much fun to use. They are different in some ways than using a clear stamp or rubber stamp- but it’s basically the same stamping process for the most part. There is a lot of creative potential for using these. I originally bought them because I used to teach textile and surface design to fashion design majors and I wanted my students to be able to try out authentic Indian batik blocks during our classes. Well, they did, and you would not believe the results! Each and every one of them was able to make these wood block stamps look completely and totally different. It was mind boggling!

Making the Paper Lace:

This paper lace was made using The Fiskars Hearts Border Punch. I don’t have instructions posted yet for making this particular paper lace, but it is very similar to some of the paper laces I have already posted on the site. Also take a look at this page about the Fiskars Sunburst Border punch and this page about the Fiskars Threading Water border punch because the idea is similar. And then of course keep checking this blog for more updates to my Free Paper Lace Idea Book, where I will be sharing step-by-step instructions for the paper laces and projects you see on this site.

Note: If you do decide to make this paper lace, try to cut straighter than I did! But, if you mess up, don’t worry. The craft police are NOT going to come after you.

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Orchids, Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste, and Paper Lace

Scrapbooking Layout of Orchids and Flowers. The Layout Featuress Supplies by Cosmo Cricket, Stamps by Autumn Leaves, plus Photography, Paper Lace and Hand Painting by Amy Solovay.

Here’s a sneak peek of some different paper laces that you will learn to make if you keep reading this web site for more installments of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book. Here I’ve used multiple paper laces in a scrapbook layout.

Materials and Supplies

Patterned Paper is
from the Fleuriste Collection by Cosmo Cricket. The journaling blocks are hand stamped on hand painted Strathmore paper. I used one of the clear stamps from the Stitched Journaling stamp set by Maryann Wise / Autumn Leaves.

Techniques Used:

Paper cutting, punching, stamping, collage, inking, painting, chalking

How To Make The Paper Lace

If you want to know how to make paper lace such as the examples you see on this layout, but you haven’t already begun reading my Paper Lace Idea Book, please take a look at it. I recommend that you read through the chapters that are already posted on this web site first. So far I have posted the basic information that you will need to get started. The specific instructions for the particular paper laces that you see in this layout have not been posted yet- which is why I referred to this as a “sneak peek”. I will be covering more details about how to make these specific paper laces in upcoming chapters.

About This Scrapbook Layout:

This layout features a group of 4 photos of orchids and flowers that I took at the Arboretum in Arcadia, California. At the time I took these photos, I was taking a class in botanical illustration. It was a wonderful class; I learned how to draw a variety of plants and flowers. During the time the class was in session, I took a bunch of reference photos of different flowers such as these lovely orchids. I still enjoy working from my reference photos when I want to do some floral drawings and paintings. However, nowadays I get even more inspiration from scrapping the flower photos. Flowers are probably my second favorite photographic subject (my husband is my favorite subject. LOVE taking pictures of him, I think he is gorgeous.) Since flower photos and paper lace work well together I will be posting quite a bit more of my layouts and projects that feature flower photos embellished with paper lace. So if you are interested in seeing more paper lace borders used in scrapbooking projects, please bookmark this blog or add it to your feed reader and keep reading!

Thanks so much for dropping by! I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work.

Good Deals on Stamps, Scrapbooking Papers and Supplies

I have been noticing a LOT of good deals on supplies for scrapbooking, card making, paper crafting, and art. I cannot believe some of these deals. Thought I’d pass them along in case anyone else wants to take advantage too.

Basic Grey Patterned Scrapbooking Paper For Layouts, Greeting Card Making, Paper Crafts, and Altered Art.

For fans of Basic Grey paper, I just found this insanely good deal. You get 48 pieces of Basic Grey paper for only $19.99!! WOWZA. The normal price on this is $42.72- a huge savings, as you can see. If you do the math on that it works out to less than 42 cents per sheet of patterned paper. The only catch is that they only had 10 left at the time of this posting, so you better get there quick if you want to get in on this. I am not sure how much longer they will be offering this deal…probably not long.

Anna Griffin Rub On Transfers Family Theme Kit

Next we have an extremely discounted Anna Griffin Rubon Transfers Kit. This kit includes 752 family themed rub-on transfers (babies, weddings, children.)

The next item of interest: Twopeasinabucket.com is having a huge sale on stamps. You get 20% off selected stamps between now and 6/21/08. So if you want some new stamps, you will probably want to take a look at their offerings. ESPECIALLY EXCITING: Prima stamps on sale! OOOoooohhhwow. I have been wanting some of these, especially the oh-so-lacy “Build A Frame” stamp sets by Iron Orchid Designs; if you have been wanting them too, now is a good time to grab them!

Whispers Cardstock Scrapbooking Patterned Paper Kit by Prima Marketing

Click here to see additional Prima Cardstock kits and patterned papers that are currently on sale for 30% off. I noticed that Angelique, Morning Song, Cavalier, and Urban Cosmos cardstock kits are all on sale for 30% off. A lot of the patterned papers are discounted too. These are great prices on stuff that is still really new. Gorgeous too!

A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe has some fantastic coupon codes right now for even more good deals. I couldn’t possibly list all of them because there are a LOT of them, but some highlights include 25% off on single sheets of Bazzill cardstock, 25% off adhesives, 50% off a Cricut Cartridge, OR free surprise paper. If any of these deals sound interesting to you, please click over to their site and read the terms and conditions that apply for each coupon. (As far as I know coupons cannot be combined and some of these deals require a minimum purchase.)

If you are a bargain hunter, it certainly seems like a good time to load up on supplies with all these great deals! Enjoy!

So Much New Paper Lace!

Lace Patterned Designer Die Cut Scrapbook Paper Called Holey Cardstock by Creative Imaginations

Paper lace is really trendy right now, and I am really enjoying the process of discovering all the new die-cut papers and lace-paper effects that have recently been released. I can’t wait to get all these new products posted on this web site! I am working on a brand new page on the web site dedicated to Holey Cardstock by Samantha Walker for Creative Imaginations. It looks similar to KI Memories’ Lace Cardstock, but the patterns are different enough that I would be inclined to buy papers from both lines.

I recently added a new page to the web site dedicated to the Threading Water Border Punch by Fiskars. If you’ve spent a small fortune buying die-cut scrapbooking papers (like I have!), then this border punch is a must-have item, because it will allow you to create a scalloped lacy punched edge on almost any paper. I am so excited about that because I have been frustrated about the lack of availability of 6″ x 6″ papers with die cut scalloped / lacy edges. (I still wish some manufacturers would make a pad of 6″x 6″ die cut papers…please??? I’d be happy even if it were only the lower edge that is die cut, like the new Sassafrass Lass papers only smaller…) But anyway, until I get my wish, the Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch looks like exactly what I need. I think I could use it somewhere in pretty much every paper crafts project I do, with the possible exception of my husband’s extreme sports layouts- since I have been strictly forbidden to put ribbon or paper lace on his rock climbing / mountain biking/ dirt biking photos, hee hee. At any rate, extreme sports layouts aside, the punch is a versatile design with a lot of different applications; it’s a tool that I know I would get a lot of use out of.

I am still working on getting the next chapter of my Free Paper Lace Idea Book ready to post online, and that should hopefully be up within the next few days (if all goes according to plan.) I hope you’ll check back soon to see the next installment.

Thanks for dropping by- I hope you are having a fabulously interesting and creative day!

Frosty Lace Cardstock From KI Memories’ Bloom Collection

I just updated my web page about KI Memories Lace Cardstock to include more information about the Frosty Lace Cardstock designs in the Bloom collection. The page includes photos of the different designs, plus links where you can find these papers for sale online.

Also, if you haven’t already checked out my free paper lace idea book, please do take a look! The next chapter will be posted soon.

Thanks for dropping by!

SALE on Narratives Lacy Scrapbooking Stickers and Embellishments

Here’s a “head’s up” to all you paper-lace loving scrapbookers out there: 2 Peas is having a sale on selected items from Karen Russell’s “Narratives” Collection by Creative Imaginations. I’ve pictured a few of the items that I found on sale; you can click any of the pictures to go to 2 Peas for more information and to see the current sale price and availability. At the time of this posting, these items were all in stock, but I have no idea how much longer they will have stock on them, considering the fantastic prices. Some of them were even on sale for 50% off! Quite a savings. Even the ones that are only 30% off are a really good deal. The stickers shown coordinate perfectly with the other papers and embellishments in the French Sweet Pea, French Blue Bell, and Melonberry Collections from the Narratives Line by Karen Russell/ Creative Imaginations.

French Blue Bell Epoxy Stickers From the Narratives Collection

By Karen Russel / Creative Imaginations

Lacy Blue Bell ABC & Borders 12×12 Narratives Cardstock Stickers

Melonberry Narratives Epoxy Stickers

Lacy Melonberry Alphabet & Borders 12×12 Narratives Cardstock Stickers

Sweet Pea Hearts 12×12 Narratives Cardstock Sticker

Sweet Pea Borders & Alphabet 12×12 Narratives Cardstock Sticker

I’ve only pictured a few of the lovely items in the Narratives Collection by Karen Russell.