Lacy Die Cut Scalloped Wedding Invitation With Sweet Pink Roses

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This is such a romantic wedding invitation. I think it’s really distinctive, too; I love the unusual scalloped die cut upper edge, and the beautiful lacy effect. The roses on the front of the invitations are the perfect shade of shimmery, pearlescent, barely-there-pastel pink. Matching reception, respond and informal / thank you cards are available. Invitations will be personalized with the name of your choice printed at the top.

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Pretty Die Cut, Embossed & Scalloped Heart Wedding Invitations

Close up of Die Cut, Embossed & Scalloped Wedding InvitationDie Cut, Embossed & Scalloped Wedding Paper Set

Heart Motif Diecut, Embossed & Scalloped Wedding Invitations Set

I was looking through the wedding invitations on ebay, and these lovely scalloped ones caught my eye. They’re a bit simpler than the paper laces I normally post on this blog, but that doesn’t make them any less pretty! (In some cases, less is definitely more, like the old saying goes.) With this particular invitation, you have many choices for ink colors, font choices, and wording. A bonus: they’re on sale at the moment, and the pricing seems affordable. More details and information are given in the ebay auction listing.

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Pearlescent Teal Paper Lace Wedding Invitations

(Edited & updated 3-18-09)

Some Teal Wedding Invitations & Announcements That Caught My Eye:

Fashion Bouquet in Teal: Personalized Invitations / Announcements:

These beautiful tri-fold aqua, teal & white invitations are the epitome of chic. While these invitations are not actually paper lace- the floral bouquet design on the pocket is actually printed in white foil- the overall effect on the front of the invitation looks delightfully “lacy”. This invitation unfolds and slips into a sheer pocket. The front features the names of the bride and groom printed underneath of the floral bouquet. Design on tri-fold is printed in aqua. Please specify names to be printed on front.

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Luxury Layered Floral Wedding Invitations in Shimmery Aqua

Luxury Layered Shimmer Teal Aqua Floral Wedding Invitation

Here’s another spectacular wedding invitation. This one’s perfect for the bride and groom who are willing to spend a bit more on an ultra-luxurious, high end wedding invitation. I think you really have to see these wedding invitations in person to appreciate them, because the photo on your computer’s monitor doesn’t really convey how shimmery and delightful they are. The invitations are customizable; you can choose from a variety of envelope liners, fonts, and wording choices (either specify your own wording, or choose one of the suggested verses available.) Black ink is recommended, although multiple wording colors are available if you’d rather have a different color. Thermography is the printing technique used on this particular invitation; the printing has an impressive three-dimensional effect. (Thermography is also known as “raised printing”.) It really adds an extra touch of elegance to the entire invitation.

Affordably priced samples are available, so if you would feel more comfortable seeing a sample before making a commitment to order, it’s no problem.

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And Another Delightfully Chic, Classic Wedding Invitation

Traditional Elegant Classic Aqua Teal Pearl Wedding Invitations

This elegant invitation has an aqua and pearl lined panel border. There are lots of options for customizing this invitation; the wording can be printed in a variety of colors, including teal, hunter green, black, silver, and grey (plus many others). The font is also customizable, and it seems to me that the font choice plays a huge part in the overall effect of this particular invitation. There’s a fantastic variety of font choices available, which range from funky to casual to formal. Matching reception, respond and informal / thank you cards are available. You really can’t go wrong with such a timeless classic design…

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Laced In Aqua, a Wedding Invitation With Touches of Aqua and Lace:

Aqua Teal Paper Lace Wedding Bridal Invitation Thermography Printing With Foil Shimmer and Ribbon

This stunning wedding invitation looks lacy and sophisticated. This is a shimmery wedding invitation with luxurious white foil; the photo doesn’t really do it justice, because you can’t tell from the photo how pretty and shiny it is. (If you’d like to confirm this and see one invitation before you order, you can get a sample for only $2.50.) This invitation has a hint of aqua thanks to the gorgeous satin ribbon. The printing technique used for this wedding invitation is thermography. Coordinating reception, respond, and informal/thank you cards are available if you want all your wedding stationery to match. This invitation can be personalized in several ways: You can specify your own wording; if you’re not feeling creative, there are many suggested verses you can choose from. You can also choose the color that the wording is printed in, and choose the font you want.

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The rest of this post is now outdated, because it contained information about ebay auctions that have ended. I updated the post with some more current teal wedding invitation offerings above, and I also have a whole page that is dedicated to Paper Lace Wedding Invitations. (You can Click Here to check out my paper lace wedding invitations page. Thanks for your interest!

Here’s another ebay auction that caught my eye; this auction is for a set of 50 square 6″ x 6″ wedding invitations with lace border accents. The ones shown are printed on heavy imported pearlescent cardstock, and the lace border is teal. However, the seller told me that these invitations can be customized in different colors. The background color could be white, ivory, pink, aquamarine, lavendar, silver, gold or copper. The lace would be a darker matching shade or a darker contrast. (Please keep in mind that the colors might not appear accurately on your monitor.) Matching RSVP postcards and enclosures are also available from the seller. More details and information are given in the ebay auction listing.

Victorian Inspired Paper Lace Wedding Invitation By Christopher Young

Victorian Inspired Paper Lace Wedding Invitation by Christopher Young

Christopher Young recently emailed me this stunning paper lace wedding invitation that he designed, along with some interesting tidbits about his creative process for the invitation.

Christopher says, “I created the attached invite which was inspired by Victorian paper lace- however given today’s printing technology I had to rework the lace so that it could be laser-cut. I created a Vector file of the lace shapes to be cut out and collaborated closely with my printer, Coeur Noir in Brooklyn, NYC. Although they normally print with traditional letter press printing, they were very interested in working with me on this very elaborate challenge. In the end, the invite was a combination of a few printing processes, but for the lace effect we utilized paper laser cutting. What is interesting about this process is that each invite is cut one by one!

I illustrated the sacred heart and then set the type so that it is all on the same card. After these elements were printed, they were then sent to the laser cutter for the lace effect.

I am currently working on a similar looking Valentine for a luxury brand which will incorporate both debossing and laser cutting in tandem in hopes of creating an even closer effect to traditional paper laces. As I am currently researching this project, I thought your website offered wonderful sources of inspiration. I hope you may find my work of interest as well-

Christopher Young”

Needless to say, Christopher’s work is definitely of interest here! I was incredibly excited to see such an inspiring contemporary paper lace design. It was also thrilling to read such a detailed explanation of the creative process. I confess to feeling pangs of envy that I did not think to do something like this for my own wedding invitation. (Future brides: take note!) However, I couldn’t resist replying to Christopher to ask about debossing; I’m familiar with embossing, but wanted to know more about debossing.

Christopher’s response:

“In truth, I wish the wedding invite were more dimensional. If you send me an address, I can send you one so you know what I mean. It is so ironic that given our technology, it is very difficult to reproduce the 19th and early 20th Century quality of paper lace. Often when I find original pieces, as you probably know, they are somewhat tattered or missing pieces. But they are so textural, which is why I am exploring debossing. Like embossing, debossing uses plates to implant a design into paper- except debossing presses the design INTO the paper, rather than have the design rise out from it (embossing). This is a very expensive process and that’s why my valentine is being produced by a luxury company, as they will probably cost about $40 each to produce! I know, it’s really crazy. Laser cutting is the main expense.”

My thoughts: I can see that a substantial amount of planning and effort went into designing and creating this invitation. I’ve never seen anything comparable. For a bride who is looking for something exquisite and unique and luxurious, this is truly a spectacular idea. Thanks for sharing it, Christopher! I wish you all the best with designing the Valentine. I’ll look forward to seeing it!