Parchment Craft, and Instruction Books

Parchment craft has really captured my imagination as of late. It seems to me that parchment craft often resembles paper lace, and could be considered to be related to paper lace in some ways. Not all parchment craft is “lacy”, but I’ve definitely been seeing a lot of parchment craft projects of the “lacy” variety.

I just updated the site with a new page about parchment craft! Since this is a paper craft that is new to me, I doubt I’ll be posting tutorials or instructions on how to do it any time soon. However, I will be glad to point out the interesting books, resources, and information that I find. I’d also be really interested in interviewing artists and artisans who are creating parchment craft projects, and featuring them on this site. If you are one, or know of any, please do comment. Thanks! 🙂

I’ve been on the lookout for parchment craft books, and I just found one that looks completely amazing. This is the prettiest eye candy I have seen all day! The seller was gracious enough to post multiple pictures in the ebay listing, and the projects in her Japanese parchment craft book are a feast for the eyes.

And here’s another book offered by a different seller. It’s worth the click to look at the pictures of all the stunning parchment craft projects in the book.

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If you have any recommendations for good parchment craft books, please post and let me know. I’d love to know which ones your favorites are. So far I only have one; it’s a really good one (I’ll be updating again soon with a review of it) but I’d love to own a few more.

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