Green Paper Lace “You Rock” Greeting Card

Green Handmade Greeting Card With Paper Lace

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Cardmaking Supplies
Still Life of Green Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Supplies For a Greeting Card Project In Progress. Have you ever made a project that just didn’t turn out quite like you expected? Well, for me, this green hand-stamped greeting card with paper lace was definitely one of those projects. I have been debating about whether to post project instructions for how to make this card. When I originally made it I did so many extra steps and so much re-arranging that I think the project instructions would actually get to be a bit confusing. So instead of project instructions, I am thinking of writing an article about “creative process” and designing paper crafts projects- this project would certainly be a better example of that. At the very least, I will be sure to post a supply list in case you’d like to try your hand at making a similar card. Thanks for your interest and please check back to see the article.

3 thoughts on “Green Paper Lace “You Rock” Greeting Card

  1. OMG Amy! How weird is this, I just used those same flower punch and deco scissor on a card I uploaded today at inque boutique! My week has been like this, I rented “That 70’s Show” on DVD and they played the song from Greese “You’re the one that I want” then I heard it on the radio, the a friend emailed me a clip from a kennel show of a golden retriever (were getting a GR puppy this spring) and the dog was doing a routine to the same song! Anyhow sorry to ramble, I just thought that it was funny! Best, Lindsay

  2. Hi Lindsay! :) Thanks for dropping by. Haha, that’s funny. I will have to go take a look at your card. Your projects are always inspiring. OH I am so excited for you about the golden retriever puppy! They are sooo cute.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Just read about how paperlaces came to be and don’t worry that publisher was nuts but hey at least you tried (and tried!)I can’t wait for your design team call, Keep me posted!

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