K & Company Paper Lace Embellishments

Sweet Talk Paper Lace Ribbon For Valentine’s Day

Sweet Talk Paper Lace Ribbon by K and Company. Use it For Valentine's Day Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Projects

“Sweet Talk” is K & Co’s new Valentine’s Day Collection of scrapbooking supplies. Pictured above is the sweet talk paper lace ribbon; you get 3 different romantic designs that would be perfect for making Valentine’s Day cards, scrapbook pages, and other projects. You could also use 2 of the 3 designs for wedding, anniversary, or other love themed projects.

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Wild Saffron Die Cut Cardstock Tags / Labels by K & Company

K&Co Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels Tags

Everyone else is referring to these lacy die cut embellishments as “TAGS”. To me, these look more like “labels” than “tags”. (Plus there is another different product in the Wild Saffron line that they are already calling “tags”.) So, when you see the word “labels” on this page, I’m talking about these little beauties pictured above. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I purchased a package of these K&Company Wild Saffron Die-cut cardstock labels, and I think they are a fantastic deal for the money. I must confess that when I purchased these labels, I doubted I was ever going to use them; they were an impulse buy. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at how versatile they are and how many of them I have used. The yellow ones are my favorites; I’ve pretty much used up all of those, and I’ll be ordering another package soon to replace them. I’m not too far behind on using up the other ones too. I’ve been using mine mostly for making handmade greeting cards, but I think they’d be great for using as small journaling spots on scrapbooking pages and layouts too. You’re not going to fit a huge amount of journaling on them (at least, you aren’t unless you have microscopic handwriting) but they’d be the perfect spot to put a date or a little note or reminder.

There are 4 different styles, and a total of 40 labels all together. Each one of them has die cut lacy touches.

Wild Saffron Yellow Paper Lace Labels by K&Co

There are yellow ones measuring about an inch and a half by four inches; those feature scalloped edges with simple eyelet lace, plus lines for journaling. Yellow is not my favorite color, but I’ve found that this color yellow has been really easy to work with, plus it’s in a relatively small area and thus is not too overwhelming. I’ve also been using fluid chalk to ink these labels wherever a color change is needed, and I’ve been pretty happy with the results.

Brown Paper Lace Labels From the Wild Saffron Collection by K & Co

Brown and cream fancy scrollwork labels. These measure approximately three and a half inches by an inch and a quarter. They are die cut, but they only have one little lacy detail in the upper left corner. These have an aged, antique-y look about them. I think they’d be great for doing heritage type projects. I’ve been experimenting with inking them, and some of them have come out looking great while others look not so great. I’m thinking that lighter colors of ink work better with these than dark colors do, but I recommend using a light touch if you do ink them.

Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels by K&Company

There are round labels with fancy pierced, diecut scalloped & pointy edges. The printed design at the edge of the label is a grayish- blue color. The inner part of the label is white with a graph style grid and a faint “distressed” look. I’ve had success with inking these labels too.

Red and Cream Paper Lace Labels by K & Company

There are red & off-white labels measuring approximately 2 and a quarter inches by an inch and a half. These have very, very faint lines on them, resembling the lines on notebook paper. The corners on the labels are really neat and fancy and the edges resemble lace the entire way around. So pretty! These labels are a bit small for my taste and I haven’t used quite as many of them as the others, but I do have them set aside to go with my Daisy D’s Beacon Hill papers. At this point I do think I will actually use them, I just wish they were bigger.

Handmade Greeting Card With Wild Saffron Label Tag and Sunburst Pape Lace From Fiskars Punch

This handmade greeting card is one of the many projects I made using these lovely paper lace labels. Click Here To See Project Instructions For Making This Greeting Card.

Where To Buy K & Company Wild Saffron Paper Lace Labels:

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Wild Saffron Adhesive Paper Lace Ribbon Stickers by K & Company

Wild Saffron Paper Lace Ribbon Stickers Pictured at left is a package of Adhesive Paper Ribbon from the “Wild Saffron” collection by K & Company. Each package has 3 different paper lace designs, with 2 yards of each design. These can be used for any kind of paper craft imaginable, including scrapbooking pages and layouts, mini books, art journals, altered books, paper bag albums, clear albums, altered art, handmade greeting cards, etc.

Where To Buy K&Co Paper Ribbons:

A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe has them listed for sale.

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Themes from the Wild Saffron Line: Floral, Lace, Flowers

The Margo Collection by K & Co:

If you asked me how to describe the Margo collection by K & Company, I would have to say that it combines old-world elegance with contemporary colors, textures and materials. I think this collection is exquisite! I am particularly excited about the kits, pads and embellishments in this collection.

Margo Silhouette Kit With Paper and Stickers That Look Like Paper Lace. By K & Company.

Margo Silhouettes Scrapbooking Kit:

This has got to be one of the most gorgeous creative kits I’ve seen yet. This kit was inspired by European paper cutting. The kit includes 20 stickers, 2 papers and 1 12″ x 12″ silhouette. Paper lace lovers are sure to appreciate the intricate, detailed designs.

Click here to see them at scrapbook.com.

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A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe Sells These Too! Please click here to view.

Margo Lacy Diecut Cardstock Labels & Tags

Margo Paper Lace Edged Diecut Labels Tags Scrapbook Embellishments

These Margo die cut labels / tags are very similar to the Wild Saffron package I described above, except that obviously the colors and print are different. The sizes & shapes look to me like they are probably the same. These are a seriously GREAT value for the money- each package contains 40 cardstock-weight labels! They are really beautiful! They will add a delightful, sophisticated touch to your scrapbook layout or craft project. Use them for small bits of journaling, names, dates, quotes, song lyrics, or write a note or greeting to attach to a handmade greeting card. Stamp on them. Ink them. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Get them at twopeasinabucket.com.

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Get them on ebay.

Here are Some Supplies From the Margo Collection That Are Currently For Sale on Ebay:

Themes & motifs from the Margo Line: Butterflies, flowers, lace and die cuts, paper cutting, scrollwork, flourishes, stripes

The Brand New Sea Glass Collection by K & Co.

Pad of Pattered Paper From the Sea Glass Collection by K and Company

OK, I admit that it’s a bit of a stretch to include this collection on my paper lace themed web site. There ARE some “lacy” items in this collection- like the self-adhesive paper ribbons, and the embossed die cut shell paper, which I have shown below. However lace obviously isn’t the focus of this line. Yet, I am so excited about this line that I cannot resist including it here on this page. I am lucky enough to live right by the ocean, which means that I create numerous beach-themed scrapbook pages and other projects. Interestingly enough, I rarely purchase beach themed papers and embellishments. However, this line has captured my imagination enough to make me want to purchase the whole collection. I can honestly see using almost everything in the line with only a few possible exceptions. I love pretty much everything about this collection- the sophisticated colors, the variety of choices, all the different motifs and possibilities.

Sea Glass Adhesive Paper Ribbon

Sea Glass Self Adhesive Paper Ribbon Stickers With Beach Theme: Ocean Waves, Sand Dollars, and Shells.

These paper ribbons are so creative! Looking at them just inspires me to want to scrap. I can think of about a zillion different ways to use them. The motifs are lovely. One is a variation on a diecut scalloped lacy border that cleverly incorporates ocean waves. Another is border with repeating sand dollars. Then there is another imaginative scalloped lacy border that incorporates a sophisticated shell pattern into the design. I am so impressed by these! I’ll take 2 packages, please. 🙂

If you want to buy them too, please click here to see them at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Die Cut Cardstock Tags / Labels From the Sea Glass Collection

Die Cut Lacy Cardstock Labels or Tags From the Sea Glass Collection by K and Company

It is little details like these that transform layouts and cards from “good” to “outstanding”. These pretty die cut labels will add an interesting note to your paper craft projects, wherever you choose to use them. The colors coordinate with the other papers and embellishments in the Sea Glass collection- very chic and sophisticated. I think these are a fantastic value for the money.

Click Here To Buy Them at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

K & Company Green Shell Pattern Die Cut Embossed Paper From the Sea Glass Collection

Beach and Shell Themed Lacy Die Cut Paper From the SeaGlass Collection by K and Company

This lovely paper is both embossed and die cut; the embossing adds a subtle dimensional texture. Motifs include seaweed and lovely lacy shells. The edges are an elaborate scalloped paper lace design. I think this paper is a winner! It will make a “big splash” (haha) in the scrapbooking community.

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Themes & motifs from the Sea Glass Line: Shells, Waves, Starfish, Beach, Ocean, Travel, Vacation, Fish, Weathered Wood, Stripes, Palm Trees, Map, Sailboats

The Smitten Collection by K & Co.

This line gives new fresh meaning to the words “Pretty in Pink”- it’s a delightful collection that would be perfect for so many different themes- Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Prom, Girls’ Night Out, Spring, Summer, Female Bonding, Birthdays, Celebrations and More.

Smitten Specialty Pad With Glitter, Foil, Thermography and Flat Designer Patterned Papers

The Smitten Specialty Pad of Patterned Paper:

This pad of designer patterned paper looks to me like a pretty good deal! You get 24 double sided papers in the pad, and some of the papers have cool specialty extras like glitter, thermography (raised printing), and foil.

Click here to get one at twopeasinabucket.com.

Click here to see them at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lots of the Smitten patterned papers are sold individually as open stock papers, so if you just want to buy one, or a couple, of sheets of Smitten paper without getting a whole pad, you can do that too.

Smitten Lace Stripes 12″x12″ Patterned Scrapbooking Paper:

Lace Stripes Patterned Scrapbooking Paper by K and Company Now here’s a unique and out-of-the-ordinary paper! This design features lovely lace stripes in shades of pink, fuschia, melon and magenta. Definitely a great find for the scrapbooker or paper crafter who wants an unusual lace print paper.

Click Here To Buy Smitten Lace Stripe Patterned Paper at Twopeasinabucket.com.

Smitten Butterflies 12″x12″ Patterned Scrapbooking Paper:

Butterflies, Lace, Flourishes, Hearts and Music Notes Patterned Paper From the Smitten Collection by  K & Co.

This gorgeous paper combines 3 of my favorite things: the color pink, plus lacy decorative motifs around the edges, plus butterflies. I am not sure if you can tell from the photo, but it also has subtle faint music notes in the background too. This is sooooo pretty! So romantic! This patterned paper is acid free and lignin free, so it will stand the test of time. You’ll be able to use it in handmade Valentines and greeting cards, scrapbooking layouts, altered art, altered books, mini books, art journals, art trading cards, or whatever else you can think of!

Click Here To Buy From A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe.

Lace Vellum Paper 12″ x 12″:

Lace Vellum Paper by K & Company

Get it at twopeasinabucket.com.

I’ve only pictured a few things from the Smitten collection, but there are lots more embellishments and patterned papers available. Lots of the other items in the Smitten Collection will appeal to paper lace lovers too. You can click here to see more of the Smitten Collection at A Cherry on Top Scrapbook Shoppe. They have quite a bit of the Smitten line for sale, including lace paper ribbon stickers, chipboard, rub ons and lots of other fantastic goodies.

Twopeasinabucket.com also stocks the Smitten Collection, and at the time I checked they had a good selection too. Click Here To See The Smitten Collection Available For Sale at Twopeasinabucket.com.


You’ll usually find lots of people selling K & Company’s scrapbooking supplies on ebay, so it’s possible that you could find items from the Smitten collection.

Click Here To See More Items From the Smitten Collection, For Sale in Ebay Stores.

Themes from the Smitten Collection: Love, Lace, Valentines, Valentine’s Day, Romance, Butterflies, Hearts, Sentiments

BRAND NEW Red, Green and White Paper Lace Ribbon From the Christmas Cheer Collection

This might be named “Christmas Cheer”, but you could really use it all year around.

Red Green and White Paper Lace Ribbon From the K and Company Christmas Cheer Collection

Click here to buy it at twopeasinabucket.com.

Click here to buy it at ebay.