KI Memories Lace Cardstock

Collage of Different KI Memories Lace Cardstock Papers

Lately, Lace Cardstock has been one of the most popular trends in scrapbooking and paper crafts. It is easy to see why, with so many different creative designs and colors of Lace Cardstock available. There are so many different things you can do with this paper. Aside from all the obvious uses, I’ve discovered that it makes a good “mask” or stencil. If that is how you decide to use it, each sheet can be re-used many times.

Lace Cardstock is acid free and archival safe. Each paper measures 12″ x 12″, and is die cut.

Heartbeat Lace Cardstock From the Paisley Parade Collection by KI Memories

Paper lace by KI Memories - This design is called Heartbeat and it is part of the Paisley Parade collection.

Isn’t this paper cute? It’s a fun, fresh and contemporary design perfect for making scrapbooking layouts, cards, altered art or other paper crafts. This design is a versatile heart pattern with a youthful feeling. The name of the design is “Heartbeat” and the color name is “Fruit Punch.” This paper is part of the “Paisley Parade” collection by KI Memories.

This paper is available for sale at; click here to check availability.

Modern Lace Cardstock From the Posh Collection

Modern Lace Cardstock in the Oil Slick Colorway, From the Posh Collection by KI Memories

Here we have a floral lace cardstock design in a chic black color named “Oil Slick.” This paper is from the “Posh” collection by KI Memories. This paper is available for sale at; click here to check availability.

Gossip Lace Cardstock From the Enchanting Collection

Gossip Lace Cardstock Paper for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking, Manufactured by KI Memories

This lace cardstock is lovely, isn’t it? This paper is from the “Enchanting” collection by KI Memories, and I think it definitely lives up to the promise of “enchanting.” The color name is “blushing;” it’s a feminine shade of pink. You can purchase this paper at

Tickets Lace Cardstock From the Wild Life Collection

Lace Cardstock Paper With Tickets Design Theme

This unusual paper features a whole bunch of die-cut tickets. I’ll bet you can think of all kinds of interesting layouts that would work with this paper; it could be used for different themes, whether you got tickets to a rock concert, a good movie, a circus or the Amtrack. The paper is from the “Wild Life” collection, which is actually a zoo themed grouping of supplies. You can buy this paper at

Lacy Tropical Hawaiian Style Die Cut Papers With Hibiscus Flowers: Hula Lace Cardstock in Envy (Green), Hot Pink, and Prince (Purple) by KI Memories.

Hula Envy Tropical Hawaiian Lace Cardstock 2008 It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think that the new “Hula” design is it for me. This die cut paper just inspires me to want to scrap! The paper features tropical motifs including hibiscus flowers, palm tree leaves and branches, ferns and flowers. I spend a lot of time at the beach, and I love tropical flowers, so this design (in every color) will fit right into my scrapbooks. (It’s also a good reminder that I haven’t finished my Hawaii album- I better get moving on that.)

In my opinion, the “envy” color looks like it will be the easiest to use out of all the available “Hula” colors. The other colors are beautiful too, though.

KI Memories Hula Hot Pink Lace Cardstock With Hawaiian Style Tropical Hibiscus Flowers Hula Lace Cardstock From the 2008 Collection. This is the Purple Color Named Prince.

New Posies Lace Cardstock in 3 Colors: Grape, Pinata and Red Hot!

Grape Posies Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies…this new paper has a fresh, youthful, playful quality that brings childhood games and songs to mind. It also, in my opinion, has a lovely retro charm that is quite appealing. It would be fun to use this paper in kids’ layouts, even if the photos were taken in the 1970’s or 1980’s.

The “Posies” design is available in 3 different colors: Grape, Pinata (Pink), and Red Hot. One thing I really appreciate about KI Memories, is how well coordinated their product lines are. These colors all coordinate with other papers and embellishments (and even scrapbook albums!) that are also available from KI Memories. Gotta love that!

Posies Paper Lace Cardstock in the Pinata Pink Color. Brand New For 2008 By KI Memories.New 2008 Lace Cardstock in the Red Hot Posies Color, by KI Memories

Posies Lace Cardstock For Sale on Ebay:

Image Description Price
Glitter Lace Cardstock Die-cut Paper Lot of 4 flutter calm, posies grape etc $7.15
bids: 0


Stars Sublime Green Lace Cardstock by KI Memories 2008 Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…

If you want to make layouts about wishing upon a star, or having star quality…then this is the paper for you. This could also be a good paper choice if you do layouts celebrating your childrens’ successes, whether it be hitting a home run, or all “A’s” on a report card, or passing a difficult test. I am sure you will think of plenty of other creative ways to use this fun themed paper too. The possibilities are really endless.

This design is available in 3 colors: Sublime (green), Boogieboard (blue), and Red Hot.

Stars Lace Cardstock in the Boogieboard Blue Color. By KI Memories, 2008. Lace Cardstock Red Hot Stars by KI Memories, 2008

Journal Lace Cardstock in Teal, Hazard, and White:

Teal Journal Lace Cardstock by KI Memories 2008 How CUTE is this! I think KI Memories has a winner with this fantastic lace cardstock paper called “Journal”. I especially like the font they used in this, and I love how the words are all die cut. I think this is such a creative and innovative design. It’s very useable too, in my opinion. “Journal” is available in 3 colors: teal, hazard and white. I especially like the teal color.

Some of the words in the journaling are ocean, sun, sea, summer, road trip, family, vacation, hotel, discover, passport, city, water, relaxation, amazing, sand, airplane, and discover. There are also cute little flower motifs sprinkled in among the words. I think it’s adorable overall! This would be a great themed paper to use in vacation scrapbook layouts and pages.

Journal Hazard Paper Lace Cardstock White Journal Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Sonnet in Powder (blue), Black and Storm (Gray):

Powder Blue Sonnet Paper Lace Cardstock I had really been hoping for a wedding themed diecut paper, and I am glad that KI Memories came up with this fabulous design.

This paper features lots of die cut words relating to weddings: Tuxedo, bouquet, presents, honeymoon, dreams, cake, engagement, husband, wife, forever, marriage, dreams, reception, rings, vow, ETC. This paper is just perfect for bridal themed scrapbook pages and layouts. It would also be a good choice for making wedding cards, wedding invitations, announcements or gifts. The colors available are powder blue, storm gray, and black. I like them all! I think they’d all be really easy to use (although I’d personally like to have a white one, too…)

Black Sonnet Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Sonnet Gray Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Bouquet Lace Cardstock in Dew, White and Cosmo (Pink):

Bouquet Dew Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Here’s another floral lace cardstock design. Well, what can I say about this one. To be honest, it’s not really my favorite, although I know a lot of other people really love it. “Bouquet” does have a childlike simplicity that could possibly be appealing to some scrapbookers. I think it could go in 2 different directions- either very “cutesie”, or very chic and simple. I will really be interested to see the layouts and projects that other people make with this paper, but I really don’t see myself using it for anything. With so many other spectacular choices available, I will have plenty of lace cardstock in my scrapbook albums even if I skip buying this one.

Bouquet Lace Cardstock in Cosmo Pink Bouquet White Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Lullaby Baby Themed Scrapbooking Paper

Bluebird Blue Lullaby Baby Boy Themed Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories Here’s an adorable themed paper for new baby layouts. You can choose from 3 colors. The lipstick color is a gorgeous pink that would be perfect for baby girls. The Bluebird color is perfect for baby boy layouts, and then the Green Tea color is perfect if you want to get started on your layout or project but you have no idea yet whether it’s a boy or a girl. (Or if for some reason you are just sick to death of pink or blue.)

This paper truly amazes me. It looks to me like the artist who designed it must have put quite a bit of time and effort into creating it. Some of the words incorporated into the design are sweet, cute, baby, love you, adorable, onesie, amazing, beautiful, tiny, snuggly, mommy, sleep, fun, rattle, teddy bear, duckie, smile, hugs and kisses, nursery, cradle, daddy, etc. There are also lots of little heart motifs sprinkled throughout the design.

Green Tea Lullaby Baby Themed Lace Cardstock Scrapbook Paper by KI Memories Lipstick Pink Lullaby Baby Girl Themed Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories

Hearts Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper

Hearts Graphite Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper Here’s another creative, and versatile, scrapbooking paper from the 2008 Lace Cardstock collection. This one is very simple and chic and elegant. I’ve been working on a wedding scrapbook, so of course that is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this paper. However, I can think of a lot of uses for it, and I think this design will be really popular. You can use it to make layouts about pretty much anyone in your life, from your sister to your children to your mom, husband, best friend, or even your pets. The paper is really beautiful and distinctive. The colors available on this are lovely. There is a color called “Blushing”, which is a pretty pastel pink. Then there is a graphite gray color, and a ceramic color. All 3 of the colors are very useable, in my opinion.

Hearts Blushing Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper By KI Memories 2008 Hearts Ceramic Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper by KI Memories 2008

Subjects: A School Themed Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper

Subjects Navy Blue Lace Cardstock School Themed Scrapbooking Paper Here’s a fantastic school themed paper that is sure to spark your creative imagination. I imagine this design is going to be really popular with scrapbooking moms who have school aged children.

Some of the words you’ll find in this paper are Study Hall, Band, English, Gym, Speech, History, Math, Science, and Art. You’ll also find lots of little star motifs scattered throughout the design, which means that this would be the perfect coordinate to the “Stars” lace cardstock if you want to use them together in a scrapbooking layout. This is a really cute paper, and I cannot wait to see what everyone will make with it.

Subjects Taxi Yellow Lace Cardstock School Themed Scrapbook Paper Subjects Black Lace Cardstock School Theme Scrapbook Paper

Apples Lace Cardstock Scrapbook Paper:

Red Dashing Apples Lace Cardstock Themed Scrapbook Paper Here’s an adorable, playful, whimsical scrapbooking paper featuring oodles of apples. I think this paper is charming and delightful! I bet some creative scrappers will come up with lots of interesting ways to use this. I could possibly see using it as a background paper for picnic themed layouts, pages about bobbing for apples, and things like that. Or, maybe, if you don’t think it’s too cliche, “apple for the teacher” type layouts…Also, it would be a fantastic paper to use for creating Rosh Hashana themed projects, like greeting cards for your Jewish friends and loved ones, or scrapbook layouts.

I love the color choices available for this paper! I think the team at KI Memories did a great job picking the colors. The red color is called “Dashing”, and it resembles red delicious apples. The “Hazard” color reminds me of golden delicious apples. Of course, the green color (named “Lucky”) reminds me of Granny Smith apples. So fun!

Apples Hazard Die Cut Scrapbooking Paper From the Lace Cardstock 2008 Collection by KI MemoriesApples Lucky Die Cut Scrapbook Paper From the Lace Cardstock Collection by KI Memories

Bloom Frosty Lace Cardstock:

The Bloom Line by KI Memories includes lots of different patterned papers and embellishments in addition to lovely die cut patterned papers called “Frosty Lace Cardstock”. The “Frosty” part refers to a subtle shimmer that is really truly gorgeous! You don’t really see it in these photos, but when you see the paper in person you will definitely notice it. This web site, of course, focuses on paper lace, so we won’t be featuring all the papers and embellishments from the Bloom Collection on this page. However, we did want to mention it because the collection is outstanding and you will probably want to take a look at it. Of course, we highly recommend the lace cardstock designs from the Bloom Collection; they are all beautiful.

Image Description Price
Ki Memories Bloom Dimensional Glitter Seals Stickers $2.32
bids: 0
Ki Memories KI Memories Bloom Heartfelt Stickers, Alpha $20.60
bids: 0
ACCENT scrapbooking 99 CENT SALE! $0.99
bids: 2
KI Memories BLOOM SOFTIES-(8) QUILT CORNERS scrapbooking 99 CENT SALE! $0.99
bids: 4
Ki Memories JACK + ABBY BLOOM Chipboard Album FREE Ship $7.50
bids: 0
KI Memories BLOOM Glitter 3-D Stickers Scrapbooking Paper Crafts Cardmaking $1.06
bids: 1
NEW KI Memories WORDS BLOOM Gel Candy Epoxy Stickers 26 Pieces FREE SHIPPING $2.98
bids: 0

The items above are all available for sale on the ebay auction site. Click here to see more items from the KI Memories Bloom collection, available for immediate purchase in ebay stores.

Bloom Creative Kit By KI Memories 2008

Here’s a photo of the Bloom Creative Kit. This kit comes with a good mix of 6 Bloom patterned papers plus an additional 3 “Frosty” papers (which is what they call their shimmery papers.) The embellishments included with the kit are 2 of their fun flexible “softies”. Apparently this kit is great for scrapbookers who like surprises, because as far as I can see there is no way to tell exactly which papers and softies you will end up with. Kind of fun too- unlike some scrapbooking kit clubs, where when you sign up you really have no idea what you’ll be getting- with this creative kit you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be getting, but there is still a really fun element of surprise.

Bloom: Twirl Frosty Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper

Bloom Twirl Boogieboard Blue Scrapbooking Paper Lace Cardstock by KI Memories This is another one of my favorites from the new KI Memories lace cardstock 2008 product release. I think the “Twirl” design in both the white and boogieboard colors look like must-haves. Apparently the “Bloom” design is part of KI Memories “Frosty” series of papers, which means that these papers are delightfully shimmery and shiny! Wow!

Now this is a delightfully “lacy” looking paper! It really is beautiful. I am eagerly anticipating getting my hands on some of this- I can hardly wait until it reaches the stores. I have several layouts in mind that I want to try with this paper. One of them is a wedding layout. I do think this paper is pretty enough, and outstanding enough, to use in a wedding album. Love it!

I might even order some of the Hazard color. That’s not a color I use much in my scrapbooking, so I think it might be a bit of a challenge to come up with anything. But it is just too pretty to pass up.

Bloom Twirl Hazard Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking PaperBloom Twirl White Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper By KI Memories 2008

Bloom Flutter “Frosty” Scrapbooking Paper With Butterfly Motifs

Bloom Flutter Butterfly Themed Lipstick Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper This delightful paper combines 3 of my great joys in life: butterflies, paper lace, and shimmery shiny irridescent paper. This is another one of the “Frosty” papers from the Bloom Collection. It is dazzling! The butterfly pattern is really intricate and fancy; it’s got a lot of visual appeal.

Butterfly motifs are popular in both fashion and scrapbooking, so I think this patterned paper will be well received by many scrapbookers. I’d really like to make a layout with it, personally. I am still trying to decide which color to get. There are 3 colors available: lipstick (pink), sublime (green), and white. At this point I am leaning towards getting the white, but I have plenty of time to make up my mind.

Bloom Flutter Sublime Green Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper

Bloom: Tulips Lace Cardstock

Bloom Tulips Red Hot This is yet another exquisite patterned paper that I am really looking forward to playing with. This is definitely one of the “lacier” designs from the ’08 lace cardstock product release, and it is gorgeous. I also think this is one of the most versatile designs out of the entire collection. I prefer working with small and unobtrusive motifs when possible, so this design is one I am really excited about. I have several layouts in mind that I want to try. I think this paper would look beautiful layered and collaged. Can’t wait to try it!

The 3 color choices available for this pattern are red hot, java (brown), and surreal (which is sort of a seafoam aqua green, judging from the photo.)

Bloom Tulips Java Lace Cardstock Scrapbook PaperBloom Tulips Surreal Lace Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper

The rest of this page features my posts about the previous lace cardstock product release, which was the original lace cardstock from the Pop Culture collection by KI Memories. From what I can tell, some of the original designs are getting harder to find. Many of them are sold out. I feel lucky to still have some of them in my scrapbooking stash though.

The Original Lace Cardstock By KI Memories

4 different colors of Paper Lace Cardstock from the Pop Culture Collection by KI Memories

Lace Cardstock by K.I. Memories is one of the hottest new scrapbooking products. I am so excited about this lovely paper! The team at KI Memories has really outdone themselves with this new release- I want ALL OF IT! I am already envisioning the adorable scrapbooking layouts and greeting cards that I want to make with this. I really think that this lace cardstock has a lot of potential to be used in non-scrapbooking projects too.

The laser-cut paper lace shown here is from KI Memories’ “Pop Culture” product line. The available designs include floral patterns, geometrics, lacy designs, swirls, and intertwined numbers and alphabet letters. Anyone who likes the “shabby chic” look is sure to think of all kinds of uses for the gorgeous floral paper lace patterns; if you like the “retro” look, the groovy “disco ball” pattern might appeal to you.

Each sheet of lace cardstock measures approximately 12″ x 12″. The lace cardstock is acid free and lignin free, making it ideal for projects that require archival-safe supplies.

KI Memories Lace Cardstock Pop Culture Flower Child- Pinata

KI Memories Pink Lace CardstockThis adorable pink lace cardstock is perfect for pretty, feminine projects. Could be used in layouts for new baby girl, toddlers, or teens, or moms, or grandma.

I ordered some of this, and I am absolutely thrilled with it! The color does look pretty different in person than it does on my computer’s monitor, though. It is a lovely deep pink color. The die cutting is quite intricate and lovely.

Socialite (Brown) Die Cut Cardstock From the Pop Culture Line

KI Memories Pop Culture Brown Socialite Lace Cardstock

I’m envisioning all kinds of things that could be made with the brown version of this. I’m thinking of using it with sepia toned patterned papers, stitching, distressing, and walnut ink. This lace cardstock would be equally gorgeous paired with antique heritage photos, 1960’s & 1970’s photos, or photos taken today. This design is timely and trendy now, but it’s also a timeless classic that will still look great in your photo albums years from now.

Pop Culture Flower Child- White

KI Memories Pop Culture Flower Child White Lace Cardstock

This is another versatile classic design. This picture really doesn’t do it justice. This would be great for wedding and bridal shower layouts or cards, but it could be used for everyday and all occasion paper crafts as well.

This could be layered in lots of creative ways. I haven’t tested it with chalks, inks, or paints yet, but it looks to me like the white color would be great with painting, chalking and inking- you could create whatever color you want to if you chalk or paint or ink the white version of this. There are infinite creative possibilities!

This is another paper that must have been very popular. It’s getting harder and harder to find any, and I don’t know of any sellers that currently have this paper in stock. If you have some in your stash, you are a lucky girl.
“Perm” Sublime (Lime Green) Die Cut Cardstock From the Pop Culture Line

KI Memories Pop Culture Lime Green Perm Lace Cardstock

Perm? How cute and creative is this name?! Haha, gotta love it. I love the paper even more- it is so fabulous! This is the lime green color, known as “Sublime”. Oh yes, it is definitely sublime. I ordered several sheets of this, and soon I will be posting new project ideas with it on the lace cardstock project ideas page . I hope you’ll check back to see them. Also, if you have any of your own project ideas you’d like to share, please let me know and I will be happy to post them!

This is another design that is getting harder to find. I am glad I got my hands on some!

Click Here To See Sublime Lace Cardstock For Sale on Ebay

Lace Cardstock Pop Culture Perm- Teal

teal blue Lace Cardstock

Here’s the teal blue version of the “Perm” design. So chic! Again, this is a design with infinite creative possibilities. I think this would be interesting as part of a summery beach or pool themed scrapbooking layout. I also think it has lots of other potential uses- it would be great to use in a collage since there are so many layering possibilities. I can imagine layering other lovely papers overtop of this and underneath of it to create even more depth and visual interest.

If you have a hard time finding this paper, keep in mind that substitutions could easily be made. If it’s the teal color of this paper you are attracted to, please take a look at the new “Journal” design in teal. Maybe that would work for you? If it’s the “swirly” look of this design that you like, I’d suggest taking a look at the “Twirl” design from the 2008 KI Memories “Bloom” Collection. I personally like the “Twirl” design even better than the “Perm”, although the “Perm” is certainly adorable. Perhaps the “Twirl” design would work for you.

Chic, Sophisticated “Goth” Style Black Lace Cardstock

Dramatic, Sophisticated, Gothic Style Lace Cardstock

Here’s the black version of the “Perm” design. It is both dramatic and sophisticated. This is yet another versatile design; it could be used in so many different ways. I think it has kind of a “goth” type of allure. It would also be a great background to use in those “out on the town” layouts- you know, the ones where you’re wearing a little black dress. OR the ones with the photos of you & your friends at a rock concert, or restaurant, or party. This lace cardstock really inspires me to want to scrap! But it would be fantastic in altered art and home decor projects too!

If you have a hard time finding this paper, remember that there are several other black papers in the lace cardstock collection. So, if you need a black die cut paper, perhaps you can take a look at those and see if any of them would work for your project.

Please click here to see ideas for projects that incorporate lace cardstock.

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