Fiskars Threading Water Punch

Use This Fabulous Border Punch To Create Scalloped Lacy Edges on Your Papers For Greeting Cards, Baby Books, Wedding Crafts, Scrapbooking Layouts and More.

Die cut papers with scalloped edges are trendy right now. People are using them in scrapbook layouts, mini albums, greeting cards, and lots of other paper craft projects. If you use them a lot (like I do) the cost can really add up. Not only that, the papers currently available are mostly 12″ x 12″, so if you scrap smaller or make cards, the available selection can be a bit frustrating. Now there is an affordable and easy way to create your own scallop-edged papers- the Fiskars Threading Water Punch! This punch is delightful in its simplicity and is perfect for a huge variety of projects. Here is a photo of the punch:

Fiskars Scalloped Border Punch Called Threading Water. It Creates a Lovely Scalloped Edge on Paper.

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It is available for sale at

Or, check out the list below to see if you can find a better deal on Fiskars Threading Water Border Punches at ebay.

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Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch JW50 $16.39
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Fiskars THREADING WATER Continuous Border Punch Scrapbook Paper NIP $11.99
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Fiskars Border Punch Threading Water New $4.64
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Fiskars Threading Water Edge Punch, Gently Used $6.50
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Fiskars Crafts Interchangeable Border Punch, Threading Water (101840-1003) $2.07
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Fiskars Border Punch – Threading Water $6.72
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Fiskars Border Punch Interchangeable Starter Set OR Sm Cartridge SELECT DESIGN! $12.77
bids: 5

I don’t yet own the Fiskars Threading Water punch- it is on my “want list!” So I don’t have any project ideas posted using this punch yet. However, you could easily adapt the greeting card projects I’ve shared that were created using other Fiskars punches. Click here to see project ideas using the Sunburst punch , or click here to see ideas using the heart border punch.

If you like Fiskars punches, there are some other punches featured on this web site that also might interest you. Click here to see Martha Stewart fancy scalloped border punches including the doily lace punch and lots of other lovely designs too. These punches are all somewhat more complex than the Fiskars Threading Water punch. For versatility, I think the Threading Water punch is a clear winner just because you could use it ad infinitum in nearly every single project you do. (If you did that with some of the Martha Stewart punches, it would be overkill I think.) But Martha’s punches are spectacular and gorgeous and definitely worth owning too!

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