Design Team

Design Team Coordinator: Amy Solovay

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. Amy is a professional artist with a background in textile design. She designs both paper lace and real lace, and loves collecting examples of both.

The design team search will be announced shortly! Please check back.

2 thoughts on “ Design Team

  1. Hi Amy,

    Your lace patterns looks so great!
    Is this all designed by youself?
    I think whatever who can design or collect these beautiful patterns a beautiful heart she or he has.

    I am a Chinese.
    Glad to talk with you.

    Keep going for beautiful things.


  2. Hi Allen! Thanks for dropping in, and for the nice comment. In answer to your question- no, I did not design all of the paper laces on this site. Some of them are designed by other artists. Some of them are antique and vintage. Some of them are designed by various companies like Creative Imaginations, KI Memories, and Doodlebug Designs. I do design handmade paper lace though. If you will keep checking back, you will see a lot of my own paper lace designs, but I have not posted them yet. I will also be posting tutorials about how to make your own paper lace, if you want to learn how to do it. :) Thanks again for your interest.

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